wrath of the king, buy or not buy? help me
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Thread: wrath of the king, buy or not buy? help me

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    Default wrath of the king, buy or not buy? help me

    Best wishes.
    Wrath of king is a very interesting game for the miniatures. The game rules I do not know them. Is good rules, is a good game?
    I want to buy the game, but I especially have doubts about the rules, and if coolminiornot keep getting more miniatures
    get miniatures in the future?
    They will make updates?

    Buy or not buy wrath of king, help me

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    buy it.

    future minis: well going from Dark Ages it may be supported (DA is really unknown in the eu, but still they support it for years)

    rules: go to the WoK website, the rulebook is free to download. Read it and decide. (I don't care about the rules, I'm in for the squid)

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    I would also say buy it.
    I hope CMON will make much more factions and more minis for the existing ones in the future. If they did it with Dark Ages, I think also thy will do it for WoK.

    It would be cool if they let it also into an army tabletop game like Kings of War or Warhammer in the future. I think there are many players looking for a good alternative.

    WoK Homepage with also in the faction sections the miniature cards (I think not all) and here the WoK Rules.

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    That is the question for me too? Buy now (Ebay, or Friends) to start Faction/ painting or Wait for the "Public Release," to support my Local game store.
    Just like the HORROR of "Robotech Tactics," (I bet half KS supporters traded stuff away) I don't want to wait FOREVER, never get KS pledge and see my stuff sold at Gen-con????
    Here in So. Cal I have been stuck with New Fads of "Bushido," "Heavy Gear Blitz," and "Relic Knights." all collecting dust ready for E-bay...
    Since "Cool Mini or Not," always had Asian Samurai/ Dynasty Warriors miniatures "House Shael Han," gets me excited (Old AEG Clan War freak).

    I admit Playing games new Games in Cali does support the Goals of "Wrath of Kings," since Warhammer Fantasy 9th ed will destroy itself, and 40k newbies get tired and become Broke. :P

    What does every one else think?

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    Buy it and support the game. Be the change you want to see in the world. It's a solid game, and if enough people pick it up at inception, they could serve as the ripple that makes it into a tidal wave.

    Plus it's really fun, most of the models are sweet, and it's a nice alternative to when you get burned out on the main line games. Hopefully it continues to gain support from CMoN and gets some new errata to make the learning process easier.

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    I think if you pose such a question on a main site such as this, you will always get the response to buy it. Else why would people be on this forum?

    Trying to think in an unbiased nature though, I have seen the miniatures are they look really nice, despite the restic they are using, they are miles ahead of other companies that have been using this medium for years. I have not read any of the fluff yet, but I hear good things regarding the storyline. The rulebook certainly looks excellent with plenty of artwork and fluff. It does lack pictures of painted miniatures and offers no insight to the hobby aspect of gaming. I only had a quick flick through the rule book, so I could have missed something. It would be good if people could pick me up on this as I dont want to give the wrong impression. I am dyslexic, so reading the fluff online isnt really that great for me, so im waiting until I get my package on Monday.
    CMoN support is very worrying imho. I am a very patient person with a lot of things (in my opinion ofc) and I can live with setbacks and errors made due to miscalculations etc. I do have a hard time with CMoN though due to the complete disregard to communicate with people. Almost GW like, but at least GW are enthusiastic about their product. At present, im not sure CMoN personnel turn up for work tbh. No news about anything that is on their to do list, no enquires to customer on how they view their product, no hype, excitement nor enthusiasm at all. If they arent interested on creating a custom need for their product, then why do we need it if they arent interested themselves?

    I would like to think that the leadership that is somewhere within the company, I hope, would get a grip of things before things just drop off and end up a small collection of models people dont ever use anymore.

    My suggestion would be to wait until things start moving and see if you appreciate how CMoN run things. Some people dont have buckets of cash to throw around on every new toy on the market and require an engaging and exciting company to help keep their game alive and maintain the NEED for the product. Ofc I really want things to improve and some people may disagree with my latter part of my review. I would hope these people could explain any differences in an unbias standing though, as suggesting everything is awesome because you like your new shiney toys can get a bit tedious and boring tbh. This by no means I insist people should agree with me either, as nothing improves with stress testing, including peoples perceptions.

    I have tried to be as unbias as possible here. I would hope I am proved VERY wrong in some aspects I have mentioned above.

    I forgot to cancel my pledge and thought "Oh Crap!" When I realised this too late, lol. I did however, pick up all the additional boxes of units etc afterwards, as I thought I might as well try and be positive with my accidental purchase. Hehe. I wait in hope that a more upbeat and productive environment evolves from the silence we are going through at present.

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    As one of the lucky UK backers to have recieved there pledge I would say 'BUY IT'. The rules are good, easy to learn, and not overly complicated. There is a youtube video of a game with the finalised rules so check it out.
    I kicked in for the Ancient King Pledge plus a few of the big beasties, and I was going to keep 3 of the armies and sell the rest on ebay, specifically Hadross and Goritsi, but when I recieved them I was blown away by how good they are, how easy to fit together and details look really good. The only let down for me was the rulebook, its got nice colour pages, hardback, rules and unit entries are nice and easy to work out. The biggest let down is exactly what Mickmet said, lack of painted pics/hobby section, also the 'fluff' is the free downloadable mini-novel off the website. Most Kickstarter backers got that ages ago. In my opinion there should have been more history of the world and the Ancient King and his Scions.
    All in all I would highly recommend it, even if it gets no hobby support from CMON, which with them you never know, its still worth investing in. If you get a Shael Han army you will have a very good looking set of models at the very least.

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    Just been discussing things with one of the CMoN crew on the UK FB page. Hes given us a great link to his podcast, which ive visited on many occasion without knowing he was a CMoN member. Have a toot as im sure it contains some good gen in it. Off to watch it myself now!



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    I 100% Agree that you should buy into the game. The models are amazing and the rule set is solid. There are a few hiccups that are being dealt with but the fundamental structure of the game is fantastic. Different motivations and win conditions make it a very fun game with little repetition. I recently converted from another game and the model quality here is leaps and bounds over other brands. It's good stuff you will enjoy it!

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