Where the Hell is the Update for Australia !
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Thread: Where the Hell is the Update for Australia !

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    Default Where the Hell is the Update for Australia !

    So where is the Aussie Update !!!!!!!

    Im assuming that there isn't one because you've dropped the BALL again!

    How about some love instead of ***nothing***.

    I have been a supporter of CMoN for a couple of years now and I'm trying to stay with you guys but your policy of no information is good information is a crap one. I backed Xia and Fallen and even though these were a year late I was happy because they provided a weekly or fortnightly update so the backers felt comforted that things were progressing and we hadn't been forgotten.

    This regular drip feeding of info empowered the backer, gave us involvement in the process and the best part for you guys, kept the backers happy. I am certainly not happy and I have to say that once Smog is released that this will be my last CMoN product. Sad to say as I enjoy your products.

    Please do do something about this as it is very disheartening for your loyal backers everywhere.


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    Yeah I'm a bit perplexed as well. When I spoke to the distributors about Rivet Wars, they mentioned Arcadia Quest was expected in 2-3 weeks. Clearly a delay has occurred somewhere along the line, some acknowledgement would be nice.

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