Clarification on the attackcard hate and bombs
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Thread: Clarification on the attackcard hate and bombs

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    Question Clarification on the attackcard hate and bombs

    Hello all.

    Hate is a Ranged Attack with 3 attack dice. It is magic.
    Special Effect: "If this rolls any (crit) against a Hero, exhaust all of his cards, unless he takes 2 extra Wounds."

    My questions:
    1. If the defending player has no unexhausted cards and the attacking player rolls a crit, does the defending player automatically take 2 wounds?
    2. Does the rule Self Sacrifise prevent the defending player from taking wounds if he has only 1 life left and no unexhausted cards?
    The defending player cant take 2 Wounds otherwise he would die, but he cant exhaust his cards, because he has no cards to exhaust.

    My answers are:
    1. Yes the defending player takes 2 Wounds.
    2. No Self Sacrifise doesnt prevent the defending player from taking wounds.
    Therefore if the attacking player chooses to attack a hero who has no unexhausted cards left and rolls a crit, the defending player always suffers 2 wounds.
    So the defending player can only choose if he has a unexhausted cards left.


    My major questions:
    1. Is the defeding player staying on a bomb token right after the attacking player hits him with a bomb attack?
    2. If so. Does the bomb token trigger immediately or do you need to move onto it? They use the term "enter".
    3. Are the bomb tokens separate from the attacking player,so only the kill credit is related the bomb token to the bomb token owner?

    My short answers:
    1. Yes.
    2. No it trigges only if a enemy player enters a space with a bomb token.
    3. Yes they are separate. Only the kill credit is related. The bomb is a mini trap, which can be defended.

    My thoughts to my answers:
    If the attacking player attacks the defending player with a bomb, the attack is resolved as normal.
    If the defending player has 4 spaces close to him which are free spaces, you now place 5 guild tokens from the attacking player on the board. The 4 spaces around the defending player are filled with one guild token and the place where the defending player is staying is also filled with a guild token from the attacking player.
    The bomb on which the defending player is staying at the moment doesnt trigger. The guild token bombs only trigger if a player moves onto a bomb token.

    If an enemy player moves onto a bomb guild token, the attack dice from the original bomb attack card are rolled and the hits from it can be blocked from the defending player. The bomb token is treated like a trap or a bomb guard reaction which can be defend with defense rolls. So the bomb token is stated like it is a separate unit who has its own attack power. Therefore the attack from the bomb can only be blocked or suffered.
    The defending player abilitys can only effect the bomb, not the attacking player who layed the bomb down.
    The only relationship between the attacking player and the bomb is the kill credit from the bomb over the defending player.

    Is my conclusion right?
    I appreciate a dialoge.

    Thanks for helping me to get the facts right!
    In light

    And thank you for your time.

    Edit: Summary!

    The conclusions in this post about the Bombs are correct .

    The conclusions in this post about Hate are completely wrong. Please read the comments below.
    Last edited by Candle; 12-09-2014 at 12:38 PM.

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