100 votes per day windows poping up constantly
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Thread: 100 votes per day windows poping up constantly

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    Default 100 votes per day windows poping up constantly

    I have trouble with "100 votes per day"+10 pts window popping up constantly for several days (without voting), I gave up closing them like 50 times already. Any way around this?
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    I figured out a way to stop it:

    If you click on your icon in the upper left of this page. A little dialog box will open with info about your "badges" If you hit the settings button from there you can uncheck "receive notifications" .

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    Thanks! Works ...so far..:-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark77 View Post
    Thanks! Works ...so far..:-)
    Same here.

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    Thanks. That makes this site way more usable.

    I guess we will see if they update it so that we all get a million pop ups again telling us about the achievements that I'm not sure we actually got.

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