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    Is it just me, or when you press pic button in the comment box above, it tends to double post the pics? Noticed this on other people's posts too...
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    Yeah, could we please get this worked out? I think it is really detrimental to the forums. It makes it hard to make nice looking posts and even harder to read other peoples posts when your scrollign through double pictures. I know there are work arounds, like linking to the pic instead of uploading, but that seems like a big headache.


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    The pictures get shown both in the tex box and in the attachment box, you can remove the <Bracket> reference and then the pic will only show once, but only at the bottom of your post, there might be a setting to not show attachment pictures somewhere in settings but idk
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    Anyone know what happened to the forum? The double posting started a few months ago but before that was not an issue. What changed? At the same time some other issues popped up, like the artist ranking script stopped functioning. The ranking is a minor annoyance, but I agree with Demi, the double posting pictures makes the forum harder to read. Please try and fix this!

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