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    Default Dungeon Crawler Minis new sculpts

    We had some new sculpts made for our upcoming campaign, and I was looking for some feedback. These ones in particular were worked on by James van Schaik and Patrick Keith. The riders are intended to be swappable during play.

    We'll be offering them painted and assembled or unpainted and unassembled in plastic. We have more in the works, but since this is the place for judging sculpts, I figure I may as well ask - how do these measure up? The main centre piece, the Behemoth, is still in works.

    There's not a lot we can do to change these figures, but do these get people excited or interested in our line of minis, and possibly why not.
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    They've got a great old school vibe

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    Like the Owl, ...the others, not so sure.
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    Thanks for leaving comments guys. I appreciate it.

    I'm hoping in the future to move away from the "old school vibe" and more "modern", like Darklands. I love extra details and layers of small trinkets on figures. It has been difficult getting in touch with additional sculptors as a relatively new company.

    Glad you like the Owl, I agree it's really well done. The detail on these might look a little simple, but in person the riders are 20mm or smaller in some cases, and are really amazing.

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    cool like he said before very old school! love it! what medium are you using for these?

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    New reveal! We wanted to blow your minds with this reveal, hopefully we did!

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    We have funded the unpainted Behemoth, and are working on the painted version now. Also we have a new reveal. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects.../posts/1360009

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    Too bad you didn't get the funding. The Behemoth is really nice.

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    Thanks Supervike. I'm hoping to redeem myself here with a relaunch. Starting with the Riders and working up to the Behemoth instead.

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