Runners ... To Cut or Not To Cut?
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Thread: Runners ... To Cut or Not To Cut?

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    Either I am failing at my CMON-Fu (and GoogleFu) or people aren't really asking this. I have runners from Season 1 and the Walk of the Dead 4 (which has the female runner). It seems that the mould pour on the female runner's knee is cut by most painters, but the "solo cup" below the male runner is not. Is there a reason not to cut this off and just have his shoe above the base?
    I figured if there was a stability issue the girl would not have hers cut either. Thoughts? Practical experience?
    I would prefer not to pin the leg but can if that is what it takes to have the raised foot... especially as I am adding weight (fender washers or quarters) to the bases already to help with stability. Mostly I found it odd that one was nearly always cut and the other doesn't seem to be.

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    I cut all of them. No problems at all, just had to be careful while cutting so the other leg didn't break.

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    Thanks. I think I will as well. I'll test one on the quarter and I think it will do fine... if it starts to stress I can always add "green" rocks or something below it again...

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