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    Default Cloak of displacement doubt

    When you use the cloak of displacement, you have to drop your tokens to change position with another hero. What hero must drop the tokens? Only the one that has the cloak of displacement or both the heroes that changes places?

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    Either hero with a quest token that changes places drops their token.

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    just to confirm, exploration tokens don't get dropped right?

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    The cloak only says to drop quest tokens. It follows the same logic as when you rest, you cannot move quest tokens from one hero to another.

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    When the Cloak of Displacement is used, the Quest tokens dont move with the heroes. The Quest tokens drop on the space where the heroes where staying. Both of them.

    Can you collect the Quest token with an acitve hero without using a movement point, like you could if it would be an Exploration token?
    What is when the space where the hero is staying isnt empty?
    I dont have the scenario book online, maybe you need to end your turn on it or the space must be free? page 25

    Cloak of Displacement
    At the start of your turn, you may switch places
    between this Hero and an ally (drop all Quest tokens).

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    All you need in order to pick up a Quest token on your space is to be the active hero and for there not to be any enemies in your space.

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