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    Default Have you ever.....

    ....started painting a figure and done the bit you were painting above and beyond your normal ability and then wondered how the hell you were going to do the rest of it that well?:D

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    Oh yes, see my fig that i\'m working on now......I\'ve never done flesh that well, I\'m scared to carry on painting it! Whats worse is that I didn\'t paint the detached hand at the same time, I\'m going to have to try and match it!


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    All the time I also have a very bad habit of doing an area and getting it justright and then start another area and bugger up the previous bit I have done.:flame::flame::flame:

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    I thought that just happened to everybody :D I can\'t believe anyone doesnt do that!


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    I had it on Sister of Battle once. I did the armour and thought that was my best job yet. I then started painting the rest and found out i had missed a whole part of the armour! :flame: Guess what...I just couldn\'t get it painted the same as the rest of the armour! :(

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    I don\'t know duende... I wouldn\'t stop. Maybe you were in a vatic state. I\'d keep going with it. maybe ride it to a new level of painting.

    Painting is like a journey and sometimes you move faster then others.:D

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    Another thing I have a bad habit of is I will start a mini and say do the armour in a certain colour mix, I may not finish it as I get sidetracked. When I eventualy get back to it can I get the colour mix right or even what colours I used to get the shade in the first place? can I f***.

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    I hate it when it happens to a unit. I had broken it down to groups of 5. It was a unit of 20. On the last group I found a different flesh combo that looked way better than what I had done;) so you know what happened, I went back and repainted the flesh on the previous 15 which of course meant touchimg up every part of all of them again:flame: but it was worth it. Why do we think that we will ever catch up on our unpainted pile?

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    I gave up on trying to catch up on unpaited stuff years ago I pray to the painting fairy every night to come and help but she never does.
    Must know what sort of mind I have.:D

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