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    Sorry the lighting ent gr8, I still need to buy a daylight bulb.

    For the first time ever, I have no idea if I like or loathe this model ??? The armour isn\'t the colour I envisaged, but, its got kinda a......ghostly....quality......i really dunno..

    U think I shud carry on, or reach for the paint stripper??

    Any comments welcome pps :D

    P.S. Y the hell does the subject always appear in the body text??

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    I think it is very cool! the whole \"slightly ghostly\" effect is quite cool.

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    ooo... I love sepia. I like it so far. I really like sepia though. it gives things an old photo look. very cool.

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    The colour looks ok but I think you may find that when you start to pick out the carved inscriptions (depending on what you intend to do with them) you may struggle to keep the armour plates clean and may end up having to re touch them.
    Personaly I would have done them the other way around.

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    Thx every1 :) U\'ve saved him from the \'dipping pot\'.

    Ur o SO rite Tido :( lots of retouching, specially with having the shakes due to evil drink :mad:

    P.S. I jus worked out the sig link\' things, now I\'m going to trawl thru every1\'s galleries :D. Ur lizardman is stunning Astonia, how the hell did u get the white of the carnosaur so well blended??

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