New releases announced for 2015

What's New for 2015!

With Christmas almost upon us, it's time to unveil what you could be getting your hands on in January... for we have eight more releases from Darklands: First Edition a few days into the new year, one for each kindred!

This is the fourth set of releases from that project and we have some absolute crackers this month. First up, for the Albainn, we have Itaina, an Umaer of Dun Durn for the Albainn; for the Angelcynn, Aldhelm, a Sceop or storyteller; for the Brythoniaid, the mighty Angedern, a Prifdyndraig; for the Byzantii, our first Dromedus or camel-man, Djiuzu; for the Fomoraic, the awesome Gaarwäg, our first Mammax or mammoth-man; for the Khthones we have Myrkranio, a sorcerer of the Sávrar; for the Norse, the runesmith Víthar, an Erilaz; and finally for the Ysians, Gondard of Karaez the Flesh-Drune and his Nithing, Ekk, have arrived.

Unfortunately, just like the previous releases this year, thanks to us being busier than busy bees we've just not had the time to get the release art and descriptions done; but you can still see some good images of each miniature on the website of course.

Itaina, Umaer of Dun Durn

There's another release for the Albainn this month in the excellent form of Itaina, an Umaer of Dun Durn armed with a sword and crossbow. Sculpted by Olivier Nkweti from the artwork by Sam Lamont, and painted by Martin Grandbarbe.

Aldhelm, Sceop of Mierce

Aldhelm is a sceop, a storyteller, who acts as a host herald for the Miercna and is a great way to inspire your warriors both before and during a battle. Painted by Martin Grandbarbe and sculpted by a newcomer to our range, Christian Hardy, from the artwork by Des Hanley.

Angedern, Prifdyndraig of Gwaelod

With the Dyndraig available for a while now, it was about time we brought you a Dyndraig warchief - so here he is... Angedern, a mighty Prifdyndraig of Gwaelod! Sculpted by Roberto Chaudon from the artwork by Dan Warren, and painted by Sébastien Picque.

Djiuzu, Dromedus Secundus

Here's something new - a camel-man, a Dromedus, for the Byzantii! Djiuzu is a warchief, too, a Dromedus Secundus, and will be a great addition to your Byzantii host once the Dromedii are sculpted. Djiuzu was sculpted by Roberto Chaudon from the artwork by Christophe Madura, and painted by Sébastien Picque.

Gaarwäg, Mammax Tain

Gaarwäg is a monster... quite literally, as he stands on an 80mm base and is around the same tall! He's a Mammax, a mammoth-man, and is thus huge both in terms of miniature and in terms of Darklands the game. This superb Fomoraic creature was sculpted by another newcomer to our range - the fantastic Patrick Masson - from the artwork by Christophe Madura, and he was painted by Sébastien Picque.

Myrkranio, Bone Warrior

Another Sávrar or lizard-man is here for the Khthones, and this time a Sávrargos, a sorcerer, in the shape of Myrkranio. Sculpted by Roberto Chaudon from the artwork by Christophe Madura and painted brilliantly by Sébastien Picque.

Víthar, Erilaz of Hrafnen

Another masterpiece by Allan Carrasco, Víthar is a superb sculpt for the Norse. Víthar is a sorcerer, an Erilaz, and will certainly help to keep your Norse going strong on the battlefield as well as look fantastic. Sculpted from the artwork by Danny Cruz and painted by Martin Grandbarbe.

Gondard of Karaez, Flesh-Drune

Gondard is a Flesh-Drune, a shaper of flesh, a warrior that can create other warriors from the bits and pieces strewn around the battlefield. Sculpted by Stéphane Simon from artwork by Danny Cruz, and painted by Martin Grandbarbe, Gondard works hand-in-hand with his Nithing, Ekk.

Ekk, Nithing

Again sculpted by Stéphane Simon from artwork by Danny Cruz, and painted by Martin Grandbarbe, Ekk the Nithing fetches the bits and pieces of flesh and hoof and horn so that his master, Gondard, can create all sorts of weird and wonderful things for the Ysian general.

All of the releases above will be officially released on the 3rd of January 2015, but you can pre-order them now from this very website to your heart's content!

Watch out for more releases next month, too!