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    Default Mercenary Characters*

    Captain Napoleon
    Captain Captain Blackbeard
    Captain Captain Sarah Kale*
    Quartermaster The Killmaster
    Quartermaster Sir Alexander*
    Quartermaster ??
    Swashbuckler The Slasher
    Swashbuckler Sinbad*
    Swashbuckler ??
    Gunner Alex of Pain
    Gunner Ahab The Vengeful
    Gunner Dudley The Duelist
    Brute Thunder Lars
    Brute Leopold, The Cleaver of Cordova
    Brute ??

    All figures so far are kickstarter exclusive. Except ones marked with a *.
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    Mercenry Brute Don Quixote, Swashbuckler Mister Cuddles, Quartermaster Handsome Jack and 4th gunner Bossman Kastel.

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    And here is the Mercenary crew Luck Goddesses

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