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    Hello, My name is Frank and I'd like to kick start this with one of my personal favourite models. As the title suggests I take inspiration from John Blanche's old White Dwarf column ''Blanchitsu!''

    ''Stop fool! You must not move... you must not speak in his presence without consent, lest it is YOUR face that he shall skin. Under his ownership you will learn one thing: the Lord must wear a new face each and every day... I cannot count how many times he has mocked those just like us. He speaks a language that I cannot understand, yet when I see his eyes looking through a former brother's gaping sockets... You cannot deny him!''

    -Ruford Cladist, former slave of the Dread Archon.

    And of course an Evil lord must have Evil Henchmen.

    ''This sickly band of maurauders and mercenaries only recruit from the worst of their dying kin. Sadists, murderers and scitzophrenics are all welcome with open arms. They attack without rhyme or reason, whenever they see fit. Their armor smells of fresh blood as metal needles dig into their skin, they laugh in masochistic ecstasy while watching their prey bleed and plead and cry....''

    more to come!
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    Welcome. Gruesome figure and I hadn't seen it before.
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    Thank you, PegaZus.

    I painted some Eldar Pirates for a Rogue Trader scenario I'm running.

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