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    if I'm using monkey queen and I use sonyas extra dice, after I attack can I switch her ability so that I can use heartless ability

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    Monkey Queen can copy a single ability per turn.

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    Thank you. I was going to clean that up (posted on a phone) and give some more examples but we didn't fish until almost 3am. That completely answers it though. Unfortunately I have also forgotten the rest of the questions I had

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    If the Monkey Queen copies an ability that functions on other players' turns, does it have any affect?

    Put another way, do the affects of her copied ability end when her activation is over?

    More specifically, if she copies Spike's ability, obviously it benefits her on Payback and Guard reactions, but does it also hit other players who attack her on their turns?

    I'm fine with speculation, but would especially love if anyone has a concrete rules reference to cite.
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    You will need a concrete errata because the end of her card says "...for this turn" and not until your next turn. Maybe it is an oversight, maybe it was a nerf.

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