"Real" Vehicle Options for Zombicide Paper Cars and Helicopter
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Thread: "Real" Vehicle Options for Zombicide Paper Cars and Helicopter

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    Cool "Real" Vehicle Options for Zombicide Paper Cars and Helicopter

    As nice as the flat cardboard vehicles are, I always love to up my board games and put as many 3D elements as I can into them. Even if it means making it myself.

    Luckily, I don't have to make the vehicles myself! I have found some great plastic and metal models to use in place of the 2D cardboard pieces for the cars (from Season 2: PO) and the helicopter (Season 3). Obviously gameplay wise, the minis won't sit neatly on top of a 3D car as they will a flat cardboard car, but I'll deal with that.

    First off, the helicopter from Season 3: Rue Morgue:

    Revell Huey Hog 1:48 Scale

    1:48 scale seems perfect size for the Zombicide minis.

    And the civilian vehicles that litter the streets:

    Fast Lane Street Car 1:43 Scale 3-Packs (I got mine from the local Toys R Us)
    http://www.toysrus.com/product/index...entPage=search (I got lucky and the BMW in my set was yellow, so it will be a perfect proxy for a Taxi)

    I also found some really cool 1:43 scale convertible cars at my local Cracker Barrel (random, I know!) that are great proxies for the pimp mobile and a cool diecast 1:43 Jeep Wrangler at Hobby Lobby. I gotta look at the models to see what they are and I'll link to them as well.

    The 1:43 scale is just a touch big, but still looks fine. I think once I "weather" the cars with some rust, mud and scratches it will tone them down a bit and make them fit in more as well. The 1:48 scale helicopter is perfect size for the Zombicide minis and I'll take some pics once I get it all put together.

    Finding non-military vehicles at 1:48 scale was next to impossible, even after some internet searching. Most of the 1:48 stuff is military (very easy to find)...so if you are fine with Jeeps, Hum-Vees and tanks as your Zombicide vehicles, I would go 1:48 scale for sure but the 1:43 scale civilian vehicles from Toys R Us work good as well.

    I'll take some photos of the cars next to some minis when I get home.

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    28mm is 1/48 is "O" scale. I would look for O scale, as train people like cars!

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    Thanks for that! I'll try my local hobby train store and see what they have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eng621 View Post
    28mm is 1/48 is "O" scale. I would look for O scale, as train people like cars!
    When I do a search, a lot of the O scale stuff shows 1:43.


    And some say 1:50 (which would be too small)

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    I'm sorry I need to look before I type. Scale Modeler Magazine published a scale reference sheet a few years ago. Per the sheet 28.57 mm is 1/35. So i will be a bit tougher to get civilian cars might be a bit tougher. Sorry

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    Or maybe try 1/32 which is 31.25mm

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    1:32 is going to be way too big for these minis. From sight the 1:48 is the size that looks best.
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