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    Default Profile characters and cards fonts

    Hiya the spanish backers are doing the translation of the characters and cards, and we would like to do the edition too. Could someone tell me which fonts are they using?

    Thanks so much.

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    I have solved it, thanks to everyone anyway. Let's enjoy our game.

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    Could you post them here? I have no idea about photoshop but i can help to translate. Thanks!!

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    Here you are! I am not using the same fonts, but i'm Happy with it.
    Attached Images Attached Images     
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    The first power of Little Tom is incorrect. It should be: "Tira 1 dado más por cada 3 heridas que tenga el Pequeño Tom".

    Buena iniciativa!!! Gracias ^^
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    Thanks so much.

    I will change it.

    If someone could help me. What does "Woestruck" mean? I Couldn't find it down. It comes as the third skill from Mr. Smith. Even If you don´t know the translation in spanish please try to give me a definition in English, if it comes from a word combination or whatever.


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    It should be something like: "Golpeado por el Infortunio" or "Atacado por el Infortunio".
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    Sorry I don't really understand why it double the pics in "Attached Images"

    I have almost all Bone Devils translated, but it is dificult to post here sorry, I only can derivate you to when we are doing all the translation project.

    If I broke any forum norm please feel free to erase my posts.

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    Hello, Here you are the first PDF translated into Spanish and edited as good as I could. It's the PDF Other mercenaries.

    See you.

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