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    Is this a legal move? You know when you rest, you are allowed to swap gear.... There are equipments that add life points to your character. Say your character is damaged and only has 1 life left, if your armor is removed, you basically won't have enough life points to stay alive...

    1. Do you die, and other players receive gold? If so, is this character out of the game until you can equip something on them that doesn't cause the life to go less than 1?
    2. My friend also played this swapping gear, from a +1 to a +2 HP, is the character allowed to do this? or even the process of removing it not allowed to begin with?

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    You can't pay life you don't have, like using the boost gauntlet or arrow. I know I read something about you not being able to use them if you die. I'm not sure this would fall under that rule though.

    Assuming you can make the swap, your character would die but you are resting, so does the hero come back right away with a death token? or do you technically swap after you rest, I have to go read the rule book to see if there is a timing to this.

    The resting player may perform all of the following:

    It doesn't say you have to do it in a specific order, but even if you do it in that order you get your hero back

    "If a Hero is killed by any other game circumstances, like traps, all other Guilds also get one coin."

    They would get coins but it would be a sneaky way to stop a player from getting credit for killing you

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    I'd probably put this with the suicide rule. Since this action would force the character to die that item should not be allowed to be swapped and has to stay on the character. Would like an official ruling though.

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    Yes, the "suicide rule" forbids you from killing your own heroes. So if swapping out a card would kill your hero, you are not allowed to move it. You'll need to recover enough life so that the card can be swapped safely.

    You are, however, allowed to swap a card that is giving you essential extra Life for another card that still gives you the extra Life you need to not die. The swapping action is considered to be instantaneous

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