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    So I had created a gothic cathedral terrain a while ago, and I was not happy with the design, so I scrapped it and started over.I got done with the redesign and i am pretty happy with it. The walls are cut from foam, wit the brick texture hand-carved into it. The roof is a for sale sign cut into strips to look like shingles, and placed individually, which took hours upon hours. The large rose window and other large gothic window were purchased from shapeways as frames, and I cut acrylic to their sizes and put them behind the frames, and colored them in. The large window I used a glaze pen to make 3-D lead lines for a leaded glass window effect. The two smaller circular windows were made from jewelry I found at the local salvation army. I still have to fille some gaps with spackle and make a door knob for the back door, and put it on a base and paint and flock it, but this was hours upon hours of work so far.


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    Hand-carved?! This is some impressive stuff.

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    I lack words, it is fantastic!

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    Thanks guys!! I'll keep posting updates, should start basing and painting within the next few days!!

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    If you ever think about doing commission work send me a PM, this is just so beautiful.

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    Will do!! When I finish this one I will send you a PM!!

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    Excellent, I love working with foam and hand carving details. I look forward to the finished paint job.
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    Looks absolutely amazing. Good work.

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    Thanks!! Basing it and painting should start today! Gotta pick up another sheet of 1/2 inch foam and I'm set

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