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    Default My "About Time" Dark Angels Thread

    Well, it was about time I started a thread about my stalled army project, hoping that it will kick my butt into getting going.

    Short(ish) story : Long time lurker on these forums etc etc. I started playing 40K at the end of RT era, and got heavily into it with 2nd Edition, first with Ultramarines, then Dark Angels later due to the circle of players I battled (Space Wolves, 2 x Ultramarines (me and Another), Blood Angels..). This happened around the time the Angels of Death Codex was released, so mid 90's at this point? I moved briefly onto Tyranids, but fell out of love with the game (due to the discovery of girls and alcohol!). A few years ago, I popped into my local GW store and my better half brought me set of 5 SM's and a paint set as a surprise. Soon after, she fell pregnant, and I decided not to take up the hobby until around two months ago, when I decided to dive in feet first, and get the Dark Angel Army I had always wanted as a kid.

    So, that's where I am today. Oh, and just to add more mini's, my Wife brought me the Dark Vengeance Boxset for Christmas

    First : Army List, then some progress pictures taken today. Hopefully they aren't too bad. I'm pretty shocking when it comes to photography ( and Painting! ), but hopefully some tips from the experts around here would help. I hope to update this list whenever I make some meaningful progress. So, maybe next updated Feb 2016?


    Updated : 30/12/2014

    Belial - Semi Painted.
    2 Space Marine Captains - 1 Basecoated.
    2 Librarian ( 1 in Terminator Armour ) - 1 Undercoated.
    1 Standard Bearer - Base Coated
    1 Chaplain in Terminator Armour - Undercoated.

    4 Tactical Squads (approx 45-50 members) - Various Levels of Basecoating / assembly.
    5 models completed ()

    5 Assault Marines - basecoated (bases only arrived in the mail a few days ago)

    5 Deathwing Knights - Basecoated
    20 Deathing Terminators - 15 Basecoated

    1 Rhino - Painted, awaiting final highlights / details
    1 Dreadnaught - Basecoated
    1 Landraider - Unassembled
    1 Razorback - Unassembled

    3 Ravenwing Bikes - Not even glued! (Planning on conversions)

    Inbound from the 'net - 1 Venerable Dreadnought, 1 Dreadnought Drop Pod.

    Oh, and a CSM army from the DV boxset!

    So...onto pictures!

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    Whole Army (Minus Land Raider and Razorback that are still on sprues!

    The only completed Squad!

    My in-progress Belial. The base is a few skeletons and some parts of a "Hero Basing" kit from Ebay, some Gravel, and some putty / Jabberwocky to fill in and make it look nice.

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    My Deathing Knights - undercoated Black when I bought them (I undercoat Grey by preference), so their colours are slightly different. I'm hoping when finished you can't tell.

    Deathwing Assault! It's a good job I personally love painting DW!

    My 5 Assault Troops, still mounted on Corks, as their bases have only just arrived. I wanted to mount them on scenic bases, larger than normal bases just to be different

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    Close up of the Assault Squad Sergeant.

    Dreadnought. The weapons aren't secured to allow change. The leg armour / Face is missing as I ordered DA specific ones that haven't arrived yet.

    Rhino, just waiting on top doors to be painted with a tactical Arrow, and some more details prior to being "dirtied"

    The reason everything takes me so long. I'm a slow painter, but I like to make sure all the details that matter are painted.

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    So, any ideas / Critiques / comments are more than welcome. And if anyone knows how to rotate pictures I would love to know!


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    I'm seeing some mold lines, a long arms and backpacks. I would look at painting the rubber bits at the elbows and knees black. Other then that looking good.
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