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    So, the holidays have been pretty hectic, as I'm sure they have been for everyone. I was however able to get in some painting and initial assembly on a dual gift (for both my girlfriend and myself). The first up is the sorceress on a giant owl that I picked up from the site here (this is the dual gift, girlfriend loves owls so I talked her into letting me purchase it). I have to say, it's an amazing sculpt. I only wish it had a head more like a barn owl, but I'll probably paint it more like a snowy owl. There are a few mold lines to clean up and a few fills, but over all, it goes together quite well. Plus it will give me a chance to use my airbrush lol.
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    Next up is the second mini I've ever painted, it's still not quite finished, but I took the advice from the first and I'm going I've improved. I'm planning on doing some free hand on the chest area of the tabard. I'm still having issues with the hair, the paint isn't reacting like it was a few days ago, so I'll probably work on it more. I've also attempted to work in more dynamic shadows and smooth out my transitions. It's a cleric from the Reaper Bones line, and I really have to say, I HATE their bones line. I have a few metal minis from them and the detail comes out muddy on this new line. I'm very displeased.
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    I appreciate any and all comments, especially any tips on how to improve. Thanks guys.

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    The owl looks like a neat figure! And yeah, couldn't agree more about the Bones stuff--it does not, in fact, take paint very well without primer, it's super bendy and the details are crap. Nice and cheap option if you need 3,438,920 minis for something, but yeesh.
    It looks like your highlighting of the green cloth is going really well, and kudos for doing the freehand--the only way to get better at that is by doing it. Someone better at it than I will have to give you better advice on that subject. On the armor, it seems to me that contrast is largely what sells NMM--a small white or almost-white highlight to really give a reflective look. Basically, don't be afraid to go really dark and really light.

    I would recommend doing a little bit of photo editing, too. It's a lot easier to look at your work when its not sideways! Pixlr and photobucket will both let you quickly crop, resize, and rotate your pictures.

    But yeah, second mini ever? Dang. Keep it up!

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    Yeah, sorry about the sideways pics. Took them with my phone and they're fine on that, but once uploaded, they rotated.

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    After working quite a few long hours, I finalay finished the cleric/paladin. I feel like I've improved since my first, and also tried doing some free hand work on the tabard. It isn't great, but I'm sure if I can keep up with pushing myself and taking my time in what I'm painting I'll steadily improve.
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    And as a comparison, here is my previous mini that I painted, the very first one I've ever done.
    Name:  20141122_203938.jpg
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    I was able to get some work done on the Chaos Warshrine I picked up over the holidays today. I also asked Gutrot Spume along with a single Spirit Host and altered them slightly to work on the Warshrine. I still need to fill gaps and primer the majority of the pieces. I hope you guys enjoy. Name:  20150111_191442.jpg
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    I've finished priming all of the sub assemblies for my Chaos Warshrine. I sprayed a white primer over the black to simulate the light source. I also plan on doing osl from the fires.
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    Super happy with my progress today. I was able to dedicate a few hours to painting, so I stayed by laying down my base coats on the ogres for the CWS. I used my airbrush, which is been quite a white since I've taken it out, and am pleased with the results. I kept the pressure around 32 psi.
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    I used Reaper's Tanned Highlight for the flesh tone, Games Workshop's Straker Green for the cracked and festering areas, and Reaper's Imperial Purple for the tentacle.

    After along that all to set, I continued on by adding tonal shades. I used GW's Tuskgor Fur for the flesh, GW's Xereus Purple to tone the green, and a 2:1 mixture of blue ink to Reaper's Ultramarine Blue for the tentacle. I'll go back and smooth out the shading with my other colors for the shadows and highlights, so I'm not worried about how blocked in they look right now.
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    As a side note, I chose the purple for the festering flash after pulling up numerous photos of gangrene wounds. I'll probably go back in and add areas of black since most of the wounds had large areas of blackened dead skin around the open sore.

    Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy, and I'm always open for comments. Thanks :-)

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    So, I was able to take time tonight to paint and started working on the shadows. I know that they aren't very deep yet, and this isn't even close to the full depth of Shadows. I was also able to paint in the eyes the other day, it helps me to view it more as a living work than just a hunk of plastic. So far I'm pretty pleased with my progress. I'm really looking forward to getting some paint time in Friday and Saturday.

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    Default Projects Updates

    So...I've been sick for the past week, so please bare with me, this is going to be both long and picture intense as an update.
    First thing first, progress on the Chaos Warshrine. I was able to make a bit of progress on the 3-headed ogre before coming down with this gunk. I first started my shades slowly layering down with GW's cadian flesh followed by Reaper's tanned skin. Then after it dried I noticed I hadn't shaded enough down since the ogres will mostly be in shadow so I added some layers of tanned shadow. Still, I felt like I hadn't reached an appropriate depth so I did a very thin wash of tanned shadow and Didi's Magic Ink blue with a 3:1 ratio, followed by a very thin wash of Vallejo violet ink in mostly the deep recesses of decaying skin. Then I started to layer back up with thin layers of Reaper's earth brown, tanned shadow and finally tanned skin. I'll follow this up with GW's cadian flesh followed by the mid tone of Reaper's tanned highlight. I was also able to paint the eyes in. The photo of the fat 1-headed ogre shows before the layering after using the washes.
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    After completing all of this, I was dropped a bit of a commission piece by my girlfriend. She wants me to paint up one of the Kingdom of Death pinups for her friends since they've known each other for 15yrs. Fortunately, a few years back I had bought the Twilight Knight pinup in resin, so I didn't have to worry about using the one out of the 8 pinup collection she got me for Christmas (I can't wait to dive into them). I had an issue since I unfortunately broke the sword at the hand, but was able to cut and glue it back on without too much hassle. I decided to attach the head to the cape, but leave that assembly off of the body for easier painting. I also had to fill some gaps and used my knife to work on the mold lines. Overall, the casting was really well done, but I'm trying to ensure everything is as perfect as I can get them before painting. I had a HUGE setback when I went to prime her, either the weather was too bad for spraying or she wasn't fully dry or (as I'm suspecting is the true culprit) my can of Armory White Primer is too old. Fortunately, I bough a tub of 100% acetone from CVS for only about $3, so using a brush, I was able to remove the bubbled up spray primer. I'm figuring I'll just use Reaper's brush-on primer, check for needed work, prime what's been worked them begin painting.
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    I also started to build a base and after Google-ing a few pictures of spooky trees, I began sculpting one. I used floral wire with 24g copper wire to build up the trunk and branches, then using my grey-stuff putty, started to sculpt the bark. I also used a small seed pod I picked off a tree while at work a few days before (thought they looked cool and would come in handy, which they did) and added it in as a hole in the trunk. The base I've used cork (I've seen a lot of people seem to express their hatred for cork bases) and will use it as merely an underlayment to build and sculpt rocks. So far, I feel everything has come out mostly well so far. I feel I need to still work on the tree more, add more small branches and sculpt a bit more detail, plus I also need to fill and sand away the finger prints.
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    Now, all of that occurred before my illness in a span of only 2-3 days. What follows is after becoming sick.

    Another of my Christmas gifts my awesome girlfriend got me was Kyra and Lavarath from Reaper. After opening up the package, I noticed I absolutely hated the sculpt of the flesh on the wings. You can obviously see why in this picture, they're like a half inch thick, far too thick for such a scale.
    Name:  03000_w_2.jpg
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    Shortly after I had cut those areas off, I bent the wings to a more dynamic position and left it alone until now (a month or so). Since I didn't have the energy to do much, I decided to while away a few hours working on the wings. I drilled holes for floral wire that I cut into the lengths I wanted, 2 matching sets, and attached them with super glue and my 24g copper wire. I then used some thin wire mesh I bought at Hobby Lobby after first getting this mini, cut the outside finger to shape, attached and shaped it how I wanted it, slowly moving from finger to finger. I then used a dry erase marker to mark the shape I wanted between fingers and the wing arm, detached, cut and reattached with the copper wire. It was quite a bit more work than I had anticipated. I also enjoy sculpting, so I've had a box of Sculpy Firm for a bit (maybe a year or so after making a vase), so I knew I could revitalize it using isopropyl alcohol. After reworking it a bit, I started to apply the clay, but hated how thick it was, so I tore it off, and using medicine cups from nyquil, I soaked pieces in alcohol covered in cyran-wrap for two days. I then used a sculpting tool to mush the clay and alcohol into a paste and brushed this liquid paste onto the mesh with an old cheap brush. This is definitely the technique I will use when I do finally sculpt the dragon I've been planning to do for a year now because I'm very pleased with the result.
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    As you can see, I still need to fill in the second wing and smooth both down, texture and bake them. (I tested pieces of the cut off wrong and the metal holds up to the baking temperature and time without warping).

    Finally, I've come to my more exciting part (or so I feel excited about this) procurements. I bought a set of GW's Blightkings from the local game shop that's only a mile or so away (literally named FLGS lol) along with a used blister pack of what I thought was a Chaos Lord on Deamonic Mount. To my surprise and somewhat dismay, the miniature was incomplete and had an extra mini, a standing Chaos Lord, also incomplete. Whoever owned this thing before looks as though they had attempted to do a conversion job on it because they hacked the upper torso off and attempted to replace it with what I can only guess is an ork torso (I'm still mostly new to the GW line). The conversion was extremely poorly done as there was Zapp a Gap all over the seems, miscellaneous white putty built up in areas on the seams and green stuff gunking up the chain mail on the back of the ork body. Hence the reason I bought the 100% acetone, since the entire mini was metal I had no worries, plus the soak in Pine-sol over night didn't desolve the glue. The acetone ate it all away in only 2 hours, if that. Name:  20150202_213701.jpg
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    My dismay was mostly due to the fact that there was no head for the mounted Lord and the sword arm isn't large enough for the standing Lord, but after looking through images of conversions for Nurgle Marines and other characters, I've become quite inspired. I'll probably use a few of the extra heads from the Blightkings for the mounted Lord, incorporate the Chaos hammer into the right arm and some how add a banner onto him, either from his back or another tentacle growing from the left arm similar to how the shield is held. I'll also figure something out for the standing Lord, and add all sorts of pustules and decay to both, including a tri-skull symbol of Nurgle to the horse...for some reason I really like how Nurgle troops look, sort of like how I envision mutated zombies.
    As for the Blightkings, I LOVE how they look and am stoked to build and paint them. I'm in the process of designing a unified standard, drawing inspiration from photos of Jilda Yancey (an alternative model), Ivy Doomkitty (my favorite cosplayer) and my own girlfriend, something like a Nurgle warrior pinup. I also plan on incorporating my families tartan into the characters I'm painting now (Gutrot Spume and the Warshrine Cultist) along with the Blightkings and Chaos Lords. I got the inspiration after looking through the pictures of the contest Demihuman was doing with a few other guys on here, which two did tartans (I can't remember who but one even did a really nice wip on how to paint the pattern).
    I also picked up a few miniatures from Reaper, 1 to substitute with Lavarath as I abhor how Kyra is sculpted (plus I can use the remaining bits like the fencing on the commission from my girlfriend).
    Name:  03308_w_1.jpg
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    The other two are for a birthday present for a close friend. Since his b-day is in August, I'm sure I have plenty of time. He has a barbarian character that he's played for years in D&D and is a huge dragon lover, so I plan on making a diorama with these two that he can also detach the figures for tabletop use (he'll probable just have them sit in front of him at the table and use a different market for his character, if he uses them at all lol).
    Name:  60028_w_1.jpg
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    Well, that's it. Long, I know. Any comments or critiques are most welcomed, and if you made it all the way through, DAMN I'M SORRY. lol Hopefully I can eek out some time this weekend to work on some more and maybe even clean up my work table a's quite a mess as you can see lol
    Name:  142293842965950682304.jpg
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    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    "Do or do not. There is no try." -Yoda.
    "I can only improve if I push myself to the highest goals." -me.

    Check out my wip. I'm sure I could use all of the help I can get to improve my skills.

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    Seems like you know what direction your wanting to go with everything. I do suggest grabbing a bottle of power purple if you just want to strip the mini's down Bout 5 bucks at the walmart store in town. and probaby more per volume then pine sol/acetone. works like a champ on resin metal plastic restic and bones.

    Looking forward to more.

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    Thanks, Moetle. I really appreciate it. I'll probably grab a bottle of power purple eventually, it's just that I had the Pine-sol already and had to make a trip to CVS for prescriptions, so I grabbed the acetone while there lol
    "Do or do not. There is no try." -Yoda.
    "I can only improve if I push myself to the highest goals." -me.

    Check out my wip. I'm sure I could use all of the help I can get to improve my skills.

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    After quite a bit of time away from my paints, I was able to pop the tops once again. This time around I was able to finish the skin highlights for the ogres. Due to their placement on the whole model, I didn't want to go too far with the highlights, and only did the super highs sparingly. I also made sure to check with my lighting references to ensure proper placement of the light source.
    Name:  20150218_164128.jpg
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    Then, after feeling pleased with my progress, I began the infected areas. This time I referenced quite a few photos of real infections; gangrene and leprosy mainly. I blotched on Reaper's Midnight Blue and GW's Naggaroth Night, alternating the colors to set up the boundaries of the infected areas. Then to truly show the anaerobic state of the areas. I went towards the centers with Reaper's Pure Black. Now I just need to return with some purples and blues to help break up the black, especially the edges and then fade the outermost edges into the skin with greens and yellows. I'll also pick out the pustules with greens and off whites and at the end of everything. After it's all painted, I'll go back with some super glue to build up some discharges and hit those with GW's Nurgle's Rot.
    Name:  20150218_215817.jpg
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    How you guys enjoy
    "Do or do not. There is no try." -Yoda.
    "I can only improve if I push myself to the highest goals." -me.

    Check out my wip. I'm sure I could use all of the help I can get to improve my skills.

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    Default All hail papa nurgle!

    I was able to scratch out some time tonight to paint (to the disapproval of my girlfriend lol). I was able to finish the infected areas, paint the scars of chaos, and also stayed on the protruding bones. I used Reaper's Ultramarine Blue, GW's Xereus Purple blotched on followed by GW's Straken Green, more blue and people followed by a few light washes of GW's Athonian Camoshade. I used Reaper's Fair Skin for the scars, followed by a light wash of Tanned Highlight to dull and then picked out highlights with the Fair Skin. I'll make a decision as to whether or not shade and highlight again with the scars or just leave them be as the color always looks different after some time away from the miniatures. I then did a base coat of GW's Ushabti Bone on the spinal column. I'll definitely do a few washes, add some shadows and highlights. I'll possibly even add some puss after my dullcoat once I'm done with the rest of the painting just to tie in the infected mutation theme.
    I hope you guys enjoy :-D
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    "Do or do not. There is no try." -Yoda.
    "I can only improve if I push myself to the highest goals." -me.

    Check out my wip. I'm sure I could use all of the help I can get to improve my skills.

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    I know I haven't posted in quite a while, but I have been busy painting, fortunately. I've been working on my friend's birthday gift, a barbarian fighting a dragon, both from Reaper. I currently finished the dragon the other day, and wanted to get it up here. Hope you guys like it. The display base is custom made out of pink foamular.Name:  20150510_000855.jpg
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    "Do or do not. There is no try." -Yoda.
    "I can only improve if I push myself to the highest goals." -me.

    Check out my wip. I'm sure I could use all of the help I can get to improve my skills.

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