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    Default Varjous experiments on electric mumbo jumbo

    Ok this thread will be about My Imperial Knights. How did i do it and whats next or what not.

    First pictures of the already done Knight and its wiring and battery.


    Then the second one that i am heavily converting to be old Epic Warden
    Its still need alot work. Just started the painfull planning of how the h... im going to get 2 eye leds, 2 Cannon leds inside and 2 Targeter leds for "Arms" and somehow it all is supposed to fit in with 9V battery.
    I was planning to place to laser pointers but they still are quite big (Diameter over 10mm) so had to settle for 3mm led.

    Central cannon will be able to move and so will be the "arm" cannons. Arms are going to be removable so i can put some Close combat weapon and play this as normal "Paladin".

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    So just ordered the leds and they should be arriving before this weekend. So had to step up and make some moves on this model. Made the Cannon look alot meaner and more Short barreled Quake cannon should look like. Still need a little more details and im happy with it.

    Also made inner structures for the Battery and small space behind it to put all the wiring and circuit board hidden. I am going to make some kind of Walls inside with small details as i intend to light up the knight from there so it shines violet light from there.

    Also finished some Detail on the base and tried out the mask and leg plates.

    So any comments? About the overall look of Knight?

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    Oh, wow, I say, do continue ol' chap! That looks great.
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    Almost finished Cannon and the head armor just needs rivets.
    I will add some detail to the hole where the barrel comes out as it looks abit dull and like someone just made hole in it.

    Heads holes and leds are placed. Still needs to be cut down and wires added to them. That white plastic is just preventing them to short circuit. Those other white things around the head are connectors i need to fit inside the rotating weapon arms.

    Insides are going to be really stuffed. Had to even get smaller switch so that it all fits inside. Weapon arms connectors havent been yet attached.
    Good thing is that there is going to alot of wiring inside so i dont have to do any inside details.

    And this picture is to check that LEDs are working and my circuit is ok to begin welding.

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    Slowly but steadily. I Should have planned this a bit better as its way too crammed with all the wiring and what not.

    If anyone wants more detailed information about the circuit and the wirings i can elaborate it. I was lazy and the made the circuit so that if other led in colored pairs burns out the other one also does due to too much current (Lot less wiring and less resistors on the circuit this way). Arms are done so that there can be one or both or none of them connected and it dosent burn anything else. There is other issue of the 9V battery that it wont last more than 5-7 hours until it needs to be changed/recharged. So the face armor and canopy will be magnetized so it can be reopened.

    Arm connectors from both sides

    Violet leds installed and tested. I know this wont go throught any electric standards but hey main point it works and wont short circuit itself

    Next thing i need to do is Ammunitions storages below arms for the Quake cannon and after that i can undercoat the main model. Then ill need to paint the head and cannon canopy. Weapon arms still needs ideas how im going to make those targeting lenses.

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    Just tried the inner lights on. I might need to use some bright color inside so that it shines better out of there.

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    It's Slowly building up and getting painted. Those side Arms look abit dull so i have to do some freehands there. Perhaps today. There is a castigator coming up next, but sadly there was not really a room for electronics inside it. Would have loved to made that blade with clear resin and put a flickering led or etc inside it. Perhaps when i get old i might trash one and give it a go.

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    Lights off version

    Lights on version

    Just needs to finish the base and then ill try some powder painting. Or anyone have any suggestions?
    The Color scheme and model is "based" on old Epic warden knight

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    So much awesome!

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    Got bored and i ran out of ideas so had to change to other giant model. The hard part is behind atleast i hope it is. Now just add some fine details like the flag and wiring.

    Some inside photos

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    I Modified this for better pictures 9.3.2015

    Original text:
    I Really could use some tips on what to do next on both models or should i just call them done? Both models bases are going to get some Swamp turf and detail, but not much. Sorry for the huge pics.
    Wardens cockpit is intensionally elevated so it wont stick to the hull when i varnish these.
    Colors are abit off, but not much. First photo is with Flash and the rest are without it.

    Colors are pretty much right in these new photos
    Still could use some advice on the red parts. Should i try with orange for battle dmg rather than the pure white and i ordered some AK Grime enamel paints to give some weathered look or will i over do it then.
    Castigators sword could use more lighters colors?
    Bases went rather dark after i varnished them so should pop out them more? I will be antishine coating them after i got the grime in place and after that i add some turfs in there.



    Any comment or criticism is welcomed.
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    Posted better pictures and edited the recent post rather than put more huge pictures.

    So i would rather hear some advice/tips/criticism before i start to finalize them?

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    So finaly its done. I dared to take it to Ropecon (Finnish roleplay, miniature etc con at Helsinki) where it to my suprise won overall and open category.

    So any advice whats there to improve?

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    Amazing job on both.
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    I wouldn't be to shocked dude. These are amazing!

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