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    So, the holidays have been pretty hectic, as I'm sure they have been for everyone. I was however able to get in some painting and initial assembly on a dual gift (for both my girlfriend and myself). The first up is the sorceress on a giant owl that I picked up from the site here (this is the dual gift, girlfriend loves owls so I talked her into letting me purchase it). I have to say, it's an amazing sculpt. I only wish it had a head more like a barn owl, but I'll probably paint it more like a snowy owl. There are a few mold lines to clean up and a few fills, but over all, it goes together quite well. Plus it will give me a chance to use my airbrush lol.
    Name:  20141231_181949.jpg
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    Next up is the second mini I've ever painted, it's still not quite finished, but I took the advice from the first and I'm going I've improved. I'm planning on doing some free hand on the chest area of the tabard. I'm still having issues with the hair, the paint isn't reacting like it was a few days ago, so I'll probably work on it more. I've also attempted to work in more dynamic shadows and smooth out my transitions. It's a cleric from the Reaper Bones line, and I really have to say, I HATE their bones line. I have a few metal minis from them and the detail comes out muddy on this new line. I'm very displeased.
    Name:  20141231_182040.jpg
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    I appreciate any and all comments, especially any tips on how to improve. Thanks guys.

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    The owl looks like a neat figure! And yeah, couldn't agree more about the Bones stuff--it does not, in fact, take paint very well without primer, it's super bendy and the details are crap. Nice and cheap option if you need 3,438,920 minis for something, but yeesh.
    It looks like your highlighting of the green cloth is going really well, and kudos for doing the freehand--the only way to get better at that is by doing it. Someone better at it than I will have to give you better advice on that subject. On the armor, it seems to me that contrast is largely what sells NMM--a small white or almost-white highlight to really give a reflective look. Basically, don't be afraid to go really dark and really light.

    I would recommend doing a little bit of photo editing, too. It's a lot easier to look at your work when its not sideways! Pixlr and photobucket will both let you quickly crop, resize, and rotate your pictures.

    But yeah, second mini ever? Dang. Keep it up!

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    Yeah, sorry about the sideways pics. Took them with my phone and they're fine on that, but once uploaded, they rotated.

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    After working quite a few long hours, I finalay finished the cleric/paladin. I feel like I've improved since my first, and also tried doing some free hand work on the tabard. It isn't great, but I'm sure if I can keep up with pushing myself and taking my time in what I'm painting I'll steadily improve.
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    And as a comparison, here is my previous mini that I painted, the very first one I've ever done.
    Name:  20141122_203938.jpg
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    I was able to get some work done on the Chaos Warshrine I picked up over the holidays today. I also asked Gutrot Spume along with a single Spirit Host and altered them slightly to work on the Warshrine. I still need to fill gaps and primer the majority of the pieces. I hope you guys enjoy. Name:  20150111_191442.jpg
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    I've finished priming all of the sub assemblies for my Chaos Warshrine. I sprayed a white primer over the black to simulate the light source. I also plan on doing osl from the fires.
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