The East Coast Rumble May 1-3rd, 2015
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Thread: The East Coast Rumble May 1-3rd, 2015

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    Lightbulb The East Coast Rumble May 1-3rd, 2015

    Ladies and gents,

    Get ready for another year of Hardcore competition down at the VFW in Clark, NJ! This event has been renamed the East Coast Rumble, and was formally known as the Warmachine section of the Colonial. So if you have enjoyed the Colonial before, as well as the guys at the NOVA for Warmachine and the War Store Weekend, this event is for you!

    The Colonial, now the East Coast Rumble, has grown at a torrid rate from 25 players the first year, to 63 players in 2013, and 70 last year, and we are expecting more! Last year we became sanctioned as an Official Hardcore event as our Hardcore reached 34 players! Our goal is to repeat this sanction, and hit 80-100 players and become a Master’s Level Event. We need all of your help to achieve this mark!

    I will continue to update this thread with information for the event, as we are finalizing the details of the events. Here is a quick link with information on the VFW: The closet hotel to the event, and the one we used last year is I will be working on room rates for us for this hotel. The hotel is down the road from the VFW, maybe three minutes. Information on this event will also be updated on the East Coast Rumble Face Book page. If you have not already done so, please go there and like the page so you can get instant news and updates.

    The dates for the event are May 1-3rd, 2015!

    Rates are as follows:

    -Friday ticket is $15.00
    -Saturday Ticket is $35.00
    -Two Day Pass is $40.00
    -Three Day Pass is $50.00
    -Sunday ticket is $15.00




    2 Day

    3 Day

    If you pay for a Saturday ticket and you qualify for the Masters Event on Sunday, players will have to pay an additional $5.00 for the second day. Players that reach the $40.00 threshold will not pay the $5.00 fee.

    We are not closing the PayPal links for pre-registration due to popular requests! (Coming Soon)

    We have several sponsors for the event, Including M.E.I. and Darklance Designs, who will be there to create your tools and widgets upon your requests!

    Stay tuned for following news and schedule for the event!


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    The East Coast Rumble just got better, we are now a Warmachine Weekend Qualifier!

    "Well here we go, another year of Invitational madness! Again we had more applications than we knew what to do with and it was by far the hardest year for the committee to choose our locations. Below are the locations for the upcoming season. But that’s not all…tomorrow we will be announcing details of our WARMACHINE Weekend Invitational Points Series, yet another way to earn your way into the Invitational! But without further ado:

    WARMACHINE Weekend 2015 Invitational

    #1 Bavarian Masters – Munich, Germany
    #2 Templecon - Warwick, RI
    #3 Las Vegas Open – Las Vegas, NV
    #4 Crucible - Orlando, FL
    #5 Asgard Qualifier/Asgard Games - Houston, TX
    #6 Adepticon – Chicago, IL
    #7 Intermountian Cup/ - Ogden, UT
    #8 Grotscon - Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
    #9 Seattle Open/ Mox Boarding House - Bellevue, WA
    #10 Kingdomcon – San Diego, CA
    #11 East Coast Rumble - Clark, NJ
    #12 Southern Ontario Open - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
    #13 Top Deck – Tulsa, OK
    #14 WMW Homecoming/Meta-Games - Springfield, MO
    #15 Lock and Load - Bellevue, WA
    #16 Diecon - Collinsville, IL
    #17 Texas Games Con - Austin, TX
    #18 Zap Zone - Farmington, MI
    #19 Gigacon/Gigabytes Cafe - Atlanta, GA
    #20 CaptainCon Masters - Tauton, MA
    #21 Game Empire – Pasadena, CA
    #22 Gencon - Indianapolis, IN
    #23 Super Masters/Ratcon Unna, Germany
    #24 Nova Open - Crystal City, VA
    #25 Phoenix Open/Imperial Outpost - Glendale, AZ
    #26 Midwest Melee/Recruits - Lee Summit, MO
    #27 Game Summit - Ottawa, Ontario
    #28 Gateway Open/Game Nite - St. Louis, MO
    #29 Feast of Blades - Denver, CO
    #30 Wild Card – (Top point earner without an invite)
    #31 Last Chance Qualifier – WMW 2015
    #32 Brandon Cating - 2014 WMW Champion"

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    Hey gang

    here is the information for the rooms at the Holiday Inn. They will hold our blocks of rooms until the bock ends, then rooms are first come first serve after that if they have rooms available, but I was told the rates will still apply.

    Group Code: X2S
    Group Name: East Coast Rumble
    Call in number: 732-574-0100

    Online Booking URL :

    East Coast Rumble®ionCode=1&hotelCode=CLKNJ&_PMID=99801505&GPC=X2S
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