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    Game Elements
    I'm kicking off a new series of threads focussing on different elements from Rivet Wars. I thought it might be an opportunity to discuss tactics for particular units or maybe just share stories where particular units played their part, or let you down.

    I'm sort of thinking it could be a weekly/bi-weekly occurrence; I'm kicking off with the
    Allied Rocket Cycle:

    Here's my opening opinions:
    I consider this unit to be the workhorse of the Allied army. It's particularly maneuverable, so can easily provide support to Riflemen. Its medium range makes it particularly dangerous for Blight monowheels and Sturmpanzer. The 2 attacks also means it can hold its own against small groups of Panzerfaust.

    When do you like to use them?
    When have they been most successful?
    When have they let you down?
    How do you counter them as a Blightun player?


    Next Element: Blightun MG08 Schlitten
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    Great idea for a thread!

    I typically use Rocket Cycles for quick assaults early in the game. However, its armor make it particularly susceptible Panzerfaust attacks. As a result, their use quickly diminishes once the field get saturated with Blightun infantry.

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    not my favorite unit, but i field them every game without fail. they usually come into play when i see MG08's on moving up, or when a tank hits the field. Blightun infantry don't pose much of a problem due to the Hammer 65's that have been sitting back since the first deployment phase.

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    Hammers are a fine counter to Panzerfaust, and probably my favorite unit. However, their flat grid attack is much less effective if the Blightun player spreads out the infantry.

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    Let's make sure we stay on topic Hammer Pounder's relationships with Panzerfausts are a discussion for another week. This week all about Rocket Cycles.

    Edit: Sorry, hit Enter too early:

    When Infantry are spread out like you said biomage, I sometimes utilize Rocket Cycles to pick off the edges. Mainly, to keep my own infantry focused and sometimes they can cover distance quicker than a Rifleman.
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    Rocket Cycles are also one of the few units with an air range. Keeping them in action isn't a bad idea when playing with the Battle of Brighton expansion. While the are not particularly effective against (1) armored units, they do get two attacks.

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    Great Idea for a thread!
    I bring the rocket cycles out as soon as I expect monowheels are coming out. Then as soon as the Sturpanzer comes out all of my cycles try to focus only on him. With 2 attacks and 2 dice each you can rip up the Sturmpanzer quickly.

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    We've had some great input so far. But I don't think we've investigated how other allied units interact with the Rocket Cycle. I briefly mentioned they can shield Riflemen. How do people find they interact with allied heros or spearhead units?
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    When I play Allies I usually utilize their infantry and heroes instead of their armor, however the rocket cycle is the perfect example about how the game was originally supposed to work. Fast, useful, and multiple attacks make it feel like a rocket bike cavalry. I still feel that the Blight have no equal to allied cavalry. The air attack is also useful in a few games I have played. Luckily, my only friend who truly goes overboard with the air units is also very keen on keeping as many of the suckers in the air as possible. He avoids my air hitting units like the plague, so usually deploying a few of these guys can detur bombers and fighters from taking aim at my SOs.

    I feel bad that they weren't... more useful. The small number of them is alright, rarely have I ever seen someone not have enough of them, but I feel with the expansions you get more bang for your buck with the newer BOSS and Vert Tank units and heroes. I also feel their extra attack does not offset the lack of rapid assault on their part.


    Did this for the Schlitten, Now I shall do the same here. An "updated" Cycle.

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