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    Hi I know this has been addressed before on another topic, but I just wanted to get official ruling. Is it possible to use QoB to deliver a killing blow on a hero with no exploration tokens? It seems so overpowered to me. I know a similar mechanic from the card 'hate', does not allow players to deal damage unless the suffering player chooses to. I also realize the wording is different(in hate it uses the word 'unless' instead of 'or')

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    Players are not allowed to choose an action they cannot do. So if they do not have any exploration tokens to give, then they must take the wounds.

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    hmmm I just re-read the thread where I gathered how hate works before. It is not how I remember it, but it is safe to say the way hate and queen of beggars work, should be similar yes?

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    correct, the same rule would apply to both.

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    I guess this ability is very situational to be overpowered. You have to not have any items on your character, she can only do 1 wound per turn, and if a player abuses this power, people will know and make sure to target her....for now it has not caused a major imbalance to the game just yet

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    IMO, with a 3-4 player game you shouldn't have any one character that is overpowered. The balance becomes more a question in a 2-player game and in games with a mix of new and experienced players.

    for example, Spike gets the amulet of retribution. What should happen next is spike gets pummeled by other guilds or targeted by a guild with a counter hero or ability. It becomes more an issue when there are only 2 players. Keeping the overpowered hero dead is a counter to every hero.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trigoras View Post
    Keeping the overpowered hero dead is a counter to every hero.
    This is very true

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