2nd 40k miniature - looking for tips
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Thread: 2nd 40k miniature - looking for tips

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    Default 2nd 40k miniature - looking for tips

    Hi. this is my second stab at painting a mini. Really enjoying it so far and grateful for any tips on how to improve. Thanks.
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    That's a great start!
    But try using a wet pallet and thinning your paints a little more.
    Also i would add medium to the edge highlight color and add a second edge highlight in a super thin line on some of the edges using an even lighter color.
    It also looks like your transfer markers are wrinkling, try adding vinegar to the water which may soften the decal.

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    Thanks mate - v. helpful. Couldn't get to grips with the transfers at all...had thought that would be the easy part!

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    Really good for a second attempt. Much better than when I started out. Getting the edge highlights cleaner and more uniform will come with time. A good tip i got when i was new is to put the highlight on the eye on the front edge of the lens rather than the middle. It makes the lens look glass like rather than opaque. Keep up the good work and remember to have fun with it!

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    This is absolutely fantastic for someone just starting. Try to read some articles, and make a thread in the WIP section here - you'll usually get good feedback. With some knowledge and some practice, you should be a top-notch painter within a year.

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    micro sol and micro set are great for transfers too

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    I know you are just starting, but maybe lose the decals and start trying freehand. Most patterns can be broken down into a series of simple shapes. AND if you get your freehand down early on as you develop your other skills there will be no stopping you!
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    welll dirt and rust think your fist on a war plaint and slog thew bleek dirt allso go out side and get the real thing looks beter and cheeper i saw a vid frome BTP on the tube and uesed the top nots frome orks to mack flames come out looks col got mack some out putty my selff if not look good as is still dirt mack look better like backen and chezz tasts better :::)) ho blue table painting good vids

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    As others have said, a very good attempt for your second miniature - you should be proud! As for ways to improve? I like Zab's suggestion about freehand symbols, and developing this skill with your others. Maybe some weathering would add some realism? Whichever route you choose have a look around for tutorials, there are plenty out there if you search.
    Good luck, and keep up the good work.

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    I have to agree with the freehand suggestions, I find transfers to be a pain in the butt, especially on marine shoulder pads which make it awkward because of the shape, it will take some practice but the end result means no transfer wrinkles

    Also if you do stick with transfers you can go over them with a matt varnish to remove the shine (I think I've read that lahmian medium works too but not sure) you can also give the eyes a gloss coat to add a bit of shine to them

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    True about lamian medium makes transfers matt. Great alternative if you don't feel like varnishing the whole thing.

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    Thanks again for all the tips - really helpful. I've started work on my next mini (the horrors of work have delayed my start rather longer than anticipated) and will have a go at putting the advice into practice - esp the freehand decals (gulp).

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