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Thread: Warlock Curse and gaining a Kill for model that has already suffered two wounds?

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    Default Warlock Curse and gaining a Kill for model that has already suffered two wounds?

    After losing a contest to a model that already has two wound tokens attached, the Warlock player uses the Team Ability - Curse. Does the Warlock Team earn a "Kill" for the purposes of end of half scoring?

    Given that the Warlock team had to lose a contest to use the ability makes me question if they have "dealt the killing blow to an enemy figure"? However, it's not exactly "If the killing blow came from no particular team" either?

    Currently our playing group counts it as a Kill for the Warlocks but I just wanted to check opinions with other playing groups.

    The unofficial FAQ contained the below questions and answers:
    TEAM ABILITIES - Curse Warlocks ability - Active player - Timing for several effects # 2.
    a) Will a figure such as the Barbarian Bruiser that have 4 Life with 2 wounds be destroyed immediately, if I useWarlock's Curse to turn it into a frog (since Frog only have 2 Life)?b) If it is destroyed, will I acquire it as a Kill trophy?Ra) Yes, because you will keep all wounds when you transform.b) Not sure on the trophy part, leaning toward no. Mainly because you did not do any actual damage in that
    contest to be the one that killed that bruiser.

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    I have generally given it to the Warlocks since it was through their action/ability that the figure was killed

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