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Thread: Northern Defenders Painting Contest 2015 - March 7-8 2015

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    Default Northern Defenders Painting Contest 2015 - March 7-8 2015

    The Northern Defenders Painting Contest is returning, stronger than ever for its 2015 edition. Several modifications were applied in order to make it more convivial for its participants and guests. The show is also moving to an open format. Therefore, there will not be any categories anymore. If you have any questions, do not hesitate.

    For up to date information and announcements, make sure to follow our Facebook page:


    Schedule for contestants:
    Entries will be accepted from 9am to 4pm on Saturday March 7th.
    Late entries will be accepted on Sunday March 8th from 9am to 10h30am.
    Your display can be picked up starting at 1 pm on Sunday.
    The award ceremony will start at 2pm on Sunday.
    For those competing in the tournaments, your awards will be held on for later pick-up.

    Schedule for visitors:
    The show room will be opened from 9am to 5pm on Saturday March 7th and from 9am to 3pm on Sunday March 8th.

    Cost: -15$ per participants, unlimited number of entries including one vote for Best of Show and two raffle tickets.
    -5$ per visitors including one vote for Best of Show and two raffle tickets.
    -Free for visitors without a vote for Best of Show or raffle ticket.
    -Extra raffle ticket will be available for 2$ each.

    The event is held at the Officers' Mess of the Valcartier military base near Quebec city The base can be accessed by following Highway 573 N from Quebec City.
    To access the Mess from the main entrance of the base:
    - Continue on General Tl Tremblay street.
    - Turn right on Cardin street.
    - Turn right on Piuze street.
    - The Mess will be on your right.

    Unfortunately, there is no hotel close to the site of the show. The ones around the Jean Lesage
    airport are your best option being 20 minutes away.

    2 recommendations:

    - Grand Hôtel Times Aéroport :
    6515, Boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel
    Québec, Qc,
    G2E 5W3 .

    - Comfort Inn Aéroport:
    7320 boul. Wilfrid-Hamel,
    Sainte-Foy, QC,
    G2G 1C1

    "Best of' Awards:
    - Best Single will be awarded at the best single model.
    - Best of Unit will be awarded at the best unit (composed of a minimum of three models).
    - Best Monster will be awarded at the best monster model.
    - Best of Vehicle/War Engine will be awarded at the best vehicle or war engine.
    - Best of Open will be awarded at the best entry not covered by the previous best of awards such as busts and dioramas.

    Scales and genres have no differentiation for the "Best of". 28mm to 90mm will be competing against each other. Large scale figure such as 120mm or action figures will be evaluated in "open". There is no distinction between fantasy and historical. Historical accuracies will not be a factor in evaluation.

    Special Awards:
    - Prix de la Citadelle will be awarded to the entry best expressing the rich military history of Canada. The contest being held on the base of one of the most iconic regiment of the Canadian armed forces, we find it important to pay tribute in some form.
    - Best of Show will be awarded to the best overall entry in the contest. The award will be determined by a vote from the public and evaluation from the judges.
    - Best of Secret Weapon will be awarded to the entry demonstrating the best mastering of weathering techniques.
    - Best of Infinity: 3 awards will be given. One for the best single entry, the second for the best unit and lastly, to the best large model. These awards are limited to the models from the Infinity range from Corvus Belli.


    Seminar on how to photograph your miniature sponsored by Hangar 18 Miniatures and taught by Jean Gratton, a veteran hobbyist and photographer.
    When: Sunday March 8 10am

    Seminar on painting with acrylic with Thierry Husser. Thierry will explore the various painting techniques with acrylics as well as answer your questions.
    When: Saturday March 7 starting at 1pm
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    Really looking forward to seeing the entries from this one! Best of luck to all!

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    well this event is something id love to visit...

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    Quote Originally Posted by akaranseth View Post
    And you would be most welcomed.
    With whiskey and poutine?

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    Hangar 18 Miniatures is proud to sponsor a seminar on photography. Jean Gratton, a seasoned hobbyist with more than 30 years experience in photography, will be giving us a seminar on how to properly photograph your miniature. The seminar will cover everything you need to know to get proper pictures from how to construct a setup on a small budget using your phone to a professional studio. 2 of the extraordinary backdrops from Hangar 18 will be raffled among the attendees

    When: Sunday March 8 10am.

    Example of their backdrops:

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    Join us, Saturday March 7 starting at 1pm for a Workshop by last year Best of Show winner and world renown painter Thierry Husser. Thierry will explore the various painting techniques with acrylics as well as answer your questions.

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    So envious. Thierry is such a master! Would love to sit in on that seminar!

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    Here are the pictures of the event.

    Part of the entries:

    The winners:

    Thank you to everyone. See you next year.
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