Beyond the Grave Retail Release Date?
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Thread: Beyond the Grave Retail Release Date?

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    Default Beyond the Grave Retail Release Date?

    Does anyone have a release date for Beyond the Grave via retail? I stupidly decided to not get that with my Kickstarter and am almost done painting everything now and would love to get it. I haven't seen a release date anywhere (Cardhaus is just putting up random dates because they had 12/31 and they just randomly moved it to a Saturday at the end of the next month, so I don't trust it). Thanks in advance.

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    No word yet, latest CMON announcement was:

    CoolMiniOrNot is offering two new figures and a number of accessories for Arcadia Quest (all part of Wave 2), shipping January 16. The two figures areLeeroy, the most accomplished charger in Arcadia, and Yun, who uses “Relentless Combat Techniques.” Both retail for $12.99. The accessories include Wound Token Pack ($10.99), Guild Dice Pack ($6.99), Extra Dice Pack ($6.99), and Coin Pack ($12.99).
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    Currently I believe it is supposed to release in April.

    How often have you been playing Arcadia Quest?

    I have been playing about every other weekend with friends.

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    Thanks, Ray. Wow, I really wish I had ordered it with the Kickstarter then. I have played it a few times while in the various stages of painting.. I have been painting it since getting the Kickstarter and actually just finished painting everything in the base game and Guildmaster's pledge last night.

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    Dice for $7 is way better than $10. I will probably order a couple of sets along with the new heroes.

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