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    Default Silence and zero-cost abilities

    Do abilities/attacks, etc with a coin cost of "0" count, or only actions that cost 1 or more? Logic would say that a silenced character could still perform a free attack, but I don't want to make an assumption here.

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    Silence says a Hero may not spend Coin on abilities, so yes, you could still perform a 0 cost ability.
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    Thank you for the response.

    I just want to point out that that is not actually what Silence says.

    (p.16) Silence: Hero cannot use Attacks, Abilities or Reactions that cost Coins.
    The only reason I quibble here is because in many games, such a Trading Card Games, a cost of zero is still a cost.

    Perhaps this should be reworded to something like, "Hero may not spend more than 0 coins on any Attack, Ability, or Reaction."

    Page 11 sort of backs this up, as it defines the cost as "Coin Cost", and on the Attack, shows an example of 0. I just want this clarified for countless gamers in the future. Thanks!

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