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    Default Game Elements #2: MG08 Schlitten

    Game Elements:

    We're Continuing the theme and giving us an opportunity to focus on on a different game element from Rivet Wars. Hopefully, we'll discuss tactics and share stories where this unit made all the difference.

    Blightun MG08 Schlitten

    This unit is the bane of of Allied Infantry and other armour 1-units. Its moderate range means it can reach far into the battlefield. When partnered with Jager Erwin Konig's +1 Range buff it can even reach the Allied Hammer 65 Pounders. When an MG08's gun chamber starts to whirl, it's usually the last thing a target in its sights will hear.

    So let us know how you use them,
    when they've been deployed successfully,
    when they've let you down,
    What your counters are,
    How you utilize other units with them.
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    Decent unit, but limited in its use. It gets plenty of chances to hit with three attack and has a good range. Not many units have three attacks. I like to set them up in the center to cover Strategic Objectives from weaker infantry. Useless against better armored infantry (Atomic Robo, T. Nova, etc.). Painfully slow! The often get left behind by the Monowheels. I like using Dora Rollen to give them a boost.

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    After recently playing a few games I was surprised to see these getting some use out of me. When I had just the box set I rarely used these to any amount. However, With blight infantry lacking so much, I have found you can usually use these to clear out SOs, and then move them up to hold onto them from Approaching infantry.

    I think as a machine Gunner should have multiple attacks, but I think they are soarly missing a chain attack. Think about it, a gunner should be able to mow down an entire unit of infantry, and then turn on the next unit. IDK. They are useful, and I have been using them more lately, but they could've been given something... more? I don't know.

    I find an easy counter to these units is anything other than armor type 2. They are sitting ducks to rocket cycles and hammer pounders.


    Made this...

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    I prefer the term specialization over limitation

    Though your take on the MG is interesting, I'd like to focus on existing game strategy before considering home-brew variations.

    It's clear the MG08 specializes in taking down Armour1 Units, it performs better than the Monowheel when Allied troops have spread out over multiple grids.

    We've had some interesting combinations; using Dora and Erwin. But also Elsa's buff take make these even more deadly.
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    Hmm... maybe we should all try designing special scenarios that highlight these game elements? A narrow map where the Allies have to hold out against advancing Blight would be nice. Have the Blight spawn with Schlittens, and the Allies spawn with riflemen inhabiting the objectives and bunkers. The blight would have to continually push back the allies.
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    The schlitten is perfect for clearing out objectives, particularly ones close to each other if you can bring them in range with their multiple target ability compared to the pounders.
    When they really come into their own is when paired with buffing units to increase range and accuracy such as the blight general, sniper, or frost. If you can get both in the same grid with one you've got an infantry death squad, but watch out for those pounders first as you'll have two very tempting victory points in that squad along with the schlitten. Best to put it in the first square just in case.

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    What will be Game Elements 3? And when will we see it? I assume it'll be an allied unit?
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    Was going to do it tonight or tomorrow. I'll keep you guessing until then though

    TBH, I was hoping for a little more discussion or strategy talk; but I'm considering reworking the format.
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