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    Sorry if this has been asked before, but does facing have any effect in the game? on Page 16 it states that the grid target order is based on the orientation of the tracking tile, so in my mockup of the image below (apologies if I've broken copyright or anything here, I'll take the image down if I have...) Sturmpanzer A would target the infantry, then the rocket bike.

    In the case of Sturmpanzer B, would that still be forced to attack the infantryman (as depicted in the orientation of the tracking tile), or does the tracking tile rotate to reflect the fact that the grid is being attacked from the side, thus placing the rocket bike in target squares 1 & 2?

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    No, facing of the unit has no effect. Grid attack order always remains the same.
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    Yeah this confused us a little when we got started.

    We use these to point to our opponents, being portable makes it a little easier to understand, we found:

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    the only time the facing ever is affected is via Planes in BoB.

    We have gone around this many times. As the others said, the attack order stays the same. Same goes for If two double squared units share a space (like the vert tank and the rocket cycle). They both can be in the same grid, the facing of them doesn't matter.
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    To avoid confusion, it should be noted that facing only matter with aircraft in regard to direction of movement and which grids they can attack. Aircraft still attack a grid using the attack order as ground units.

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