Got the game for Christmas, a quick question about the kickstarter
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Thread: Got the game for Christmas, a quick question about the kickstarter

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    Cool Got the game for Christmas, a quick question about the kickstarter

    So, I received the game for Christmas and missed the kickstarter (I'm on that Rum and Bones one though baby!). Is there any way to get the additional purchasable figs that were part of the quick starter? Like the ones that were $10 as add-ons? I would love to get the additional materials for the game. I think I know the answer but it never hurts to ask. TAKE MAI MONEY!!!!!!


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    Most of the figures related to the kickstarter are exclusives and will not be sold to retailers. So, aside from purchasing a guildmaster pledge off of a kickstarter backer selling as a secondary retailer, there is not much chance. However, some of the heroes such as Zahra, and Nibbles are non kickstarter exclusive and will likely be sold individually at some time in the future if they are not already on sale.

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    Awesome, thanks for the info Arydis!

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    The first 2 non-kickstarter heroes are available. They are McHammer and Hassan. I believe there is a statement saying the next wave is being released tomorrow (1/16). That wave includes figures Leeroy and Yun. They have also said that the Beyond the grave expansion will be available in April for retail. There are a couple more heroes that are non-kickstarter exclusives in Zahra and Nibbles. They will be released sometime after wave 2 as their numbers are 11 and 12 I believe.

    McHammer = 007
    Hassan = 008
    Leeroy = 009
    Yun = 010
    Nibbles = 011
    Zahra = 012

    These numbers might be off but I believe the theory might be correct that Nibbles and Zahra are wave 3 or possibly with the the beyond the grave expansion.
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    Leeroy and Yun release tomorrow? I preordered all 4, so hopefully I'll get them all soon.

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    Leeroy was actually out close to a month ago. I got Leeroy, McHammer and Hassan within a week of each other. Yun has not been released though. The new ones are all pretty nice and fun to paint, so I hope you enjoy!
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    waitaminute! there's additional figs besides what's in the kickstarter?!? Why haven't i heard about this until now? Nothing on the CMoN store, no advertisement emails from the company, no email to kickstarter backers.

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    My flgs had Hassan and MCHammer when I was in there so I just bought them. Wish I had know about this game when it was up on kickstarter as I would liked to have gotten some of the other figs.

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    Leeroy has only been available on

    I suspect they either have a deal with coolminiornot or they just screwed up and sold their figures earlier than they were supposed to because Leeroy is not officially released yet.

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    Hassan, McHammer, Leeroy (based on Leeroy Jenkins from World of Warcraft, by the way) weren't part of the Kickstarter. They were released after the Kickstarter reached everyone. I saw them randomly on Miniature Market, and Coolstuffinc and bought them there over a month ago. I don't believe any of those sites had all three of them (I got them from the first two sites) and Hassan and McHammer are still available on the first two sites (and I assume soon on the Coolmini store).
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    Interesting--I saw it randomly one day and just snapped him up online. Nice figure though.

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    It sounds like most folks discovered these by chance. It doesn't make any since to not announce these in some formal way.

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    You can get some of the characters, and the new expansion here:

    Some are available, some are for Pre-Order.

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