NMM Dark Eldar leg armor any advice on improvements?
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Thread: NMM Dark Eldar leg armor any advice on improvements?

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    Default NMM Dark Eldar leg armor any advice on improvements?

    Tried to follow this tutorial http://eurekaminiature.blogspot.com....-tutorial.html
    Not quite sure if i hit the right amount of shadows and highlights.

    So any advice on improving the illusion of a Turquoise NMM would be appreciated.


    I am posting the pictures as links because if i post them as attachments the suddenly fill half the screen.
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    Looking at both the article and then at you images I'm suspecting that it may be several things.
    Firstly maybe better to try this technique on a single item first before going to a multi panel area like the armour,.
    Secondly the article seems to suggest that it's very highly diluted levels of paint, perhaps it's a case that the dilution you are using isn't quite to the same level.
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    First off, wonderful start on that armor. You should be pleased with where it is headed, me thinks. I didn't read all of the tutorial, admittedly, but it looks like they're using an airbrush. Maybe not....

    Your base coat and highlights look great. However, where I think you can improve is a first level of highlights AND your shadows. For the highlights, you need a very light, mixed with white turquoise before reaching pure white. You may have that, but I didn't see enough surface area in this shade of the gradation. Next, you need to go almost blue for your shadows. Look at the shadows of the tutorial. Lots of a more blue version of turqoise in the shadows. Do this I think and you'll see increasingly better results.
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