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    Hi All, I'm new here and managed to get hold of a KS Blitzkrieg basic set. Also pre-ordered all of Wave 2, can't wait . Anyway as title asks anyone done a wargame using these great figs and if so what were your thoughts?

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    Not sure what you mean by wargame. If you mean using the models without the grid-tiles, then Ted made a separate ruleset for that. You can download it here: http://rivetwars.com/rules-and-stats/ , called tabletop rules.

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    Hi, Thanks for the reply and yes I have looked at those rules and can't wait to try them. As for the question yes that would be included but I also wondered if anyone had used any other rules; and what there thoughts were in both cases.

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    Jabba, The minis do cry out to be used in some sort of skirmish wargame - althoiugh a small traditional mimis wargame might just be possibe if a few sets were combined.

    I believe that possibly something like a modified Bolt Action would be ceratnly viable but I was also thinking about other sets like Secrets of the Third Reich and more off the wall Two Hour Wargames Nuts -their weird war expansion has some nice ideas.

    Certainly, food for thought, it should be possible

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    I am using my rivet wars figures to play ww1 rules from One Hour Wargaming book by Neil Thomas.
    am thinking about working on a variant for Rivet Wars.

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    Brillent let us all know the outcome and thanks for shareing

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