Does Grom crush you? A question about Boost Cards [Crushing Gauntlet]
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Thread: Does Grom crush you? A question about Boost Cards [Crushing Gauntlet]

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    Exclamation Does Grom crush you? A question about Boost Cards [Crushing Gauntlet]

    Hey - I have a question about in what order boost cards apply in combat. I can see either of the below situations being the case:
    Ability: Berserk - Roll +1 die in all rolls when wounded
    Current Health: 5 (max)
    Weapon: Frostbite (4 Attack)
    Boost: Crushing Gauntlet (+2 dice to a Sword or Axe attack. This Hero takes 1 Wound)

    Scenario 1:
    Because Grom is at full health when he attacks with the sword, when the dice pool is built for his attack, he attacks with 6 dice (4 base + 2 from the boost)

    Scenario 2:
    Even though Grom is at full health, when he attacks with the sword, he takes 1 wound from Crushing Gauntlet which procs his ability meaning that when he builds his dice pool, he attacks with 7 Dice (4 base +2 from the boost + 1 from his ability)

    To me it's a question of when the wound is taken? Is it taken when the Hero declares an attack (and builds a dice pool) or when the Hero attacks (when the dice are rolled). I am fairly new to the game so I could have a fundamental misunderstanding of the rules but this question came up in my most recent game.

    Thanks to anyone who can answer this question!!!

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    Unless stated otherwise, any special abilities or effects must be activated before rolling the dice. So when you're building your attack dice pool, you choose to use Crushing Gauntlet, taking one Wound and adding +2 dice to your pool. Grom is now wounded, so you add another die to your pool. Then you can roll your pool of 7 dice (that gauntlet crushing his hand makes Grom really go crazy).

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