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Thread: rank.php not working?

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    Default rank.php not working?

    I saw Dragonsreachs signature and it says #9286/9286
    So I checked my own url and yea... when opening it, it says #9286/9286

    It's broken?
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    My rank is the same,..

    Maybe it isn't broken,.. maybe it's just telling us all that we are all equally rubbish??
    It's only a flesh wound!!!

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    I get the same thing.

    Also the rating shown on "my pictures" page did not change when a new image of mine passed 50 comments the other day. It's at 51 now and it my best rating, so it should have bumped me up a fraction. The whole rating system seems down right now.

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    Same for me...

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    must be fixed,.. I'm now 5357/9442
    It's only a flesh wound!!!

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    Look at the signature for Hendarion's post above. I doubt he is the worst painter here. I get the same image created for my blog ... perhaps I am the worst painter here ;-)

    The ranking shown in my pictures might be correct now. But the embedded link is busted.

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    Yeah - the rank on your image page seems accurate, but the link is definitely busted.
    Proud owner of a Cassar!

    You are ranked 1351 out of 9441 artists.

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    Still not working for me

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    OK, solved:

    "In answer to your question you need 5 submissions with 50 or mire votes for the ststem to calculate a ranking.
    As at the time of writing this none of your pictures had hit that 'magic' number."

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    Not really. I do have quite a lot of submissions with 50 or more votes. And still it displays me as the worst painter on CMON.
    I also *do* have a ranking when checking my own profile (#906 of 9453 currently). But here in the forum (and) by using the rank-image... nope:
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    One of my minis just made it to 50 votes today. Yeah!. It's my second highest rated mini, and so should have affected my ranking.

    1) My ranking shown on my pictures page has not changed, it's still 3133 out of 9457, so that seems like a defect.
    2) The URL shown on my pictures pages to post your ranking elsewhere is incorrect. It contains an extra space. That's a defect.
    3) If I manually correct the URL to post your ranking, it says 9457 out if 9457. That's a defect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrollPainter View Post
    "In answer to your question you need 5 submissions with 50 or mire votes for the ststem to calculate a ranking."
    So that's how it works! No wonder I'm still stuck in limbo.

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    By the way, the script got fixed. It displays my rank correctly now.

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    some of my minis are old and I got for some over 100 Votes but acutally my ranking is the worst of all artist . Why does the ranking not work?

    Thanks for your advise,

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    it does work now.

    in your gallery there is 4 image with 50 votes or more. The rank is calculated from 5 images with 50 or more votes.

    as to how to get the needed votes for the other pics:
    - create a thread in the submissions to make others here aware of them and get them to vote (alternative is pleading in a thread for votes)
    - ask your friends / family to come here and vote
    - advetise the pics on other forums (wamp, dakka, BnCS, warseer, local wargame or other forum, FB, twitter, whatever)

    last resort (not nice, but I think it works):
    - the same people can vote more than once if their IP changes, what can happen with DSL once every 24 hours, so you/friends who already voted a few days ago can vote again. New date + likely new IP + not logged in = new unregistered vote.

    apparently I can't help you with votes as I already voted on all of them
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    Forgot, that it works again.

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