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    What glue works with these figures? Is there are plastic cement or model glue for this variant of plastic(?)? Or is super glue the only real option. I know polystyrene cement is out. Other plastic glues (Tenax) seems to work better, but still not really strong.


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    I asked a similar question over in this thread


    It may hold some of the answers you seek!

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    I would recommend the plain ole super glue as the plastic cement does not hold as well as it should. I have not used Tenax or any other plastic glue myself.
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    Plastic cement should meld the plastic parts together. Which should be a stronger bond plastic glue could get. So plastic cement is not possible?

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    Plastic cement is really good for Polystyrene and ABS plastics, but the WoK models are made from PVC plastic. The plastic cement will not meld the PVC parts together so you will not get a good bond when using it.

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    What makes me angry is that they didn't tell it is PVC. In the FAQ they say only it is plastic. In the video 'high quality plastic'. And they said plastic cement or plastic glue would work, which is not correct, because PVC cannot be fused together with it.
    It looks like the parts have a good joint system, so I thing super glue will work fine.
    But I do not understand why CMON does not tell the truth. Same with the height of the Rum & Bones minis, I still got no answer on my KS messages about it.
    It will make me thinking twice before backing CMON again in the future. Which is sad.

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    Well, in their video they state that the weapons are Styrene, and that the rest of the models are "high quality plastic". In this case that's restic / PVC. From all the mini's I have gotten to see so far (still relying on what my friends have got, but hoping to see mine soon) they have done a very nice job with their casting. Mold lines are minimal and it holds detail quite nicely

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    I believe super glue will work fine for the rigid connections. For the small or more flimsy connections, I'll be using a two part epoxy.

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