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    I got this miniature from an ebay seller (who did not recall the maker of it) - and at first I just thought it was similar to the classic Marvel comics Belit from Conan the Barbarian - but once in hand it was clear not only was it Belit, it is an exacy copy of the cover of Conan The Barbarian #93 from December 1978. The base is the same as many early Citadel miniatures - but I have had no luck IDing her, as she is not listed in any of the usual online sources under any manufacturer. She could possibly be an unreleased figure. I am hoping perhaps someone here might recall or have insight on this - its my new prize possession but it is driving me crazy not knowing where she came from!

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    Sorry, I've got no answers, but that is a seriously cool find.

    Please tell me you know about that Conan Board Game Kickstarter that's going on. I remember you really were into the pure Robert E. Howard Conan, and that game has that in spades.

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    Yeah, even if I don't solve the mystery I am love that I have this miniature! I like to think its in the proper hands

    Yep, I'm pledged for the Monolith Conan Kickstarter - it should be an awesome game!

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    Yes, the Barbarian King are indeed the proper hands.

    I'm so glad you are on the Kickstarter. I was sure this was right up your alley. I've not quite jumped on board yet, but I'm sure I will, before it's all over.

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