Question on card wording and "Dazed and Confused"
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Thread: Question on card wording and "Dazed and Confused"

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    Wink Question on card wording and "Dazed and Confused"

    Hey there Arcadia Questies!!!

    Quick questions:

    1. I have seen several cards that discuss damage. Some say "Take a wound" and some say "Suffer a wound". Is there a difference relative to this vernacular? Does this indicate a difference in game mechanic somehow?

    2. Greensleeves has the Death Curse "Dazed and confused" which states "When the hero suffers a wound, he becomes dazed". He has the boost card which allows him to take a wound and apply 2 dice to his bow attack. so, questions are:
    A - Does the wound from using the boost cause him to become dazed?
    B - How long is he dazed?

    We played it as:
    A: YES - he took a wound so therefore he becomes dazed - (wording - that's why I wonder if "suffer" and "take" mean something different - or I could just be overthinking it)
    B: Normal Dazed rule is until you rest, so we played it as the normal dazed rule. If he then was wounded again he would then be dazed.

    Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    My take has always been that unless something specifically says otherwise, the simplest interpretation is correct. So, I would agree that "suffer" and "take" mean the same thing in this context, that Greensleeves would become Dazed if he used the Boost, and that he would remain Dazed until he rested.

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    i agree, Greensleeves becomes Dazed and daze is removed when the guild rests.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chickenlips View Post
    Some say "Take a wound" and some say "Suffer a wound".
    i haven't looked at all the cards, but my guess is that:
    * "take a wound" is used when you can make a choice [ie you take a wound to activate effect x]
    * "suffer a wound" is used when an effect triggers [and that is mandatory and not a choice]

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    I don't think the rulebook differentiates between the two terms, so I think they have to mean the same thing (barring errata).

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