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    They should refund the cost for the Gortisi bases for all who paid with no return needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rayous View Post
    yeah, this send back for a refund is bullshit. I asked them to not send in the first place and they refused. They are trying to stop refunds by making it inconvenient for the customer.
    Yeah, but if they do get them returned, they get merchandise they can do nothing with. No one would knowingly buy those bases.

    Of course they will refuse to keep them, they can't sell those dirt bases.

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    If they do not address this blatant bait and switch, remember to contact the better business bureau and the chamber of commerce for GA. Such business practices need to be addressed.

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    I posted this on the "Goritsi Bases." topic, figured I'd repost here for good measure:

    Hey guys,

    When we developed Wrath of Kings we were excited to bring a fast paced and unique game to the table top market. WoK is a product we're incredibly proud of from the beautiful models to the intuitive rules. When we set out to make Wrath of Kings we had grand plans and idealistic dreams, but, as with any product that is going to be delivered to the masses, things had to change. These changes affected everything from rules and unit stats and even to sculpts. One such sculpt was the Goritsi bases. Of course we loved the gothic-esque bases we had designed at the start of the kickastarter, but the reality was they couldn't be produced effectively. We love Wrath of Kings and we truly appreciate your support, the last thing we want is for you to have any negative feelings about the overall game due to one component of the kickstarer.

    So, if you are unsatisfied with the Goritsi bases please contact customer support ( and we will give you a refund, you will not have to send the bases you received back.

    Thank you for you support, and good luck on the battlefield!
    Spencer Reeve
    Marketing Executive
    CoolMiniOrNot Inc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JMac74 View Post
    It would only be 0 minutes if you intended not to flock the base in the first place regardless of what type they were, and you could choose to do that here as well with little issue. I feel it is a tricky issue to resolve. If you include bases without the lip and deep bases as an alternative for people who want the inserts they would cry foul at the extra cost incurred on them as well. I was mostly trying to temper the doom speak a bit, as I noticed several people new to this form of the hobby expressing concern about how hard it would be to deal with.
    Doesn't seem like you read your own post. I'm talking about the additional time spent just to get them filled to the point where a traditional basing job would be possible, which is what you implied in your post. It would take well over 10 seconds to do a decent basing job with the filler applied as well. Regardless, it's extra time spent, and CMON already has a wide selection of bases designed to fit on top of a standard slotted base (Dark Age Groundwerks) which aren't going to be compatible with the new bases being supplied for their intended game anymore. I'm not trying to scare anyone off, but additional modeling time is additional modeling time and the redesign sucks.

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    Vax, I do read my own post, sir. No need to be rude. I actually mentioned adding other basing material to the filet in one of them. I also pointed out in my last post that I was mostly arguing against the supposed difficulty that others had spoken of.

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