"Deals +1 Damage to Heroes" - clarification?
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Thread: "Deals +1 Damage to Heroes" - clarification?

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    Question "Deals +1 Damage to Heroes" - clarification?

    Many Heroes have an Attack or two that states, "This Attack deals +1 Damage to Heroes". The question is, does this Attack deal +1 damage total, or does it add to each hit?

    Let me show some examples:
    Vivienne's Fearless Lunge
    Capt Blackbeard's Flaming Sword
    Kusia's Elven Assassin (says "Deals +1 Damage to Heroes while on an enemy ship." {who - while SHE is on an enemy ship, or the TARGET is on an enemy ship?})
    LaBoeuf's Bludgeon

    There are, however, some clarifying examples, which is why I need to ask:
    Dudley's Opportunist says "Deal +1 Damage per Hit"
    Don Quixote's Honor says "Deals +2 Damage per Hit"

    SO: Let's go with a concrete example from Blackbeard. He attacks an adjacent Hero using Flaming Sword and, rolling his 3 dice, scores 2 hits. Does he:
    A) deal 2+1 damage = 3 total
    B) deal 2+2 damage = 4 total
    C) something else


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    Any effect that states "Deals +1 damage" si speaking about each Hit from the attack.
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    OK, much thanks. Can the cards please be edited to reflect this, as the ambiguity between different skills is striking.

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