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    Default Ork WIP

    After some help from some great people on here, I'm putting some of my new found skills to practice with an aim to improve them.

    I've Chosen an Ork to slap some paint work on.

    Here are some progress shots so far, sorry for the poor quality they are taking on my phone. Will take proper pictures with camera when done.

    Sorry if it isn't very orkish, I don't play orks but I am finding it fun to paint.

    what do you think so far?


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    Okay technically it's perfect but how are you with color theory what I'm about to show you will blow your mind. I'm going to show you two orks from my collection 1is with greens a yellows here is the way I used to paint an orkName:  image.jpg
Views: 180
Size:  84.4 KBthem the next batch (the way I paint orks now Name:  image.jpg
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Size:  502.2 KB Name:  image.jpg
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Size:  502.2 KB these are how I do now with reds and purples used as complimentary colors a researching color theory. Get a book called Betty Edwards color theory.

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    wow lovely Orks, I do lovely your painting. I know a little bit about Color theory and I've just ordered the book you recommend off Amazon as I don't know enough and could do with researching it more

    For my darker shadows, its a bit hard to see in the camera but I took my base green and added a tiny bit of red to give me my shadow green. I find that you get richer tones by mixing colors this way rather than just using straight black.

    do you think I should put a bit more contrast

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    contrast is something the more you have a go at it the better you'll judged yes a bit more contrast will help what you can do is add it in in very thin washes building up the intensity as you over lap your glazes you could use these orks I've showed you as a guide maybe in the very recesses themselves you could use a purple red or burgundy but you'll start to get the hang of it I can tell you as a rule when you shade use complimentary colors so learn your 12 color color wheel and any color you paint the color opposite it on the wheel is what you could use for the shade...keep going at this we need you to learn a bit of color theory ITL help with more realistic shading but technically your blending is very good. Time to start learning some other things like theory ..ITL level you up for sure.good job so far.yes to mixing colors I prefer that too than adding black.

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    i think you can push contrast all over (standard tip, i know) especially in the face. nice start though i love to see the process here!

    I always love(d) orks! if you like i have an old old ork wip here, i used all kinds of colors for my greenskins. painting a squad of orks unfortunately burned out most of my love for painting them though :/
    ...keep talking
    Forever remains


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    I love orks no matter what the main reason is greens are my favorite color and when it comes to weathering metals it fits the bill as in stays in and coincides with there scrap looting mentality. You also mentioned you like the colors used on my nob squad along with skelette who's are very good even though there traditionally a diff hue.I also would like you to take a look at my w I p I thinks it's more along the lines of what your looking for.I have a step by step progress which denotes the reds I was telling you about to compliment the greens like we discussed.they fit very well according to color theory and were based on the book you just got by better edwards.take a look at them and any questions I'll be glad to help.
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    There is also another trick I use for greenskins I'm going to show you an example to the mouths list and some muscle bellies I apply light pink. Here is an example while not my best green you can see what I'm talking about more tone variation. You'll see hints of reds and pink glazes on the biceps ,shoulders ,knuckles etc.this was a detail I learned from eavy metal team members.
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    Beautiful works, beyond words. I love the bust there is to much character to him. looks very realistic.

    Do you plan up front what kind of look you are after or does it develop has you paint?

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    pic I'll tell you the truth the colors and ideas I have when I start but more often than not it actually develops as I paint.and I have to say honestly things end up so different from my initial plans especially when I begin let's say I'm painting a green skin and let's say I used a drab green color I want to shade it with a burgundy but let's say I come across for eg a specific kind of burgundy like p3 s sanguine red.although not the original color burgundy I wanted but not that throws things into a whole diff ballgame because it's not the burgundy I originally planned for but that's okay cause now I'll base my highlights based on that particular burgundy now...see what I mean...that's what I mean by on the fly color choices..you'll see you'll grasp the idea the more you do it...but yes it definitely develops as I go bud.

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    I see what you mean, i take you try and work with a limited pallet to start with so you can mix your own shades and highlights from the target base and you also change your highlights on fly depending on what shade you have used or mixed up so keep all the colours balance and natural. I think you see it a lot in miniatures where people haven't matched the highlights to the shades and the resault looks unnatural and isn't very pleasing to the eye. I've put the colour wheel to good use with a color I've always struggled with, yellow, it always looks flat or unnatural because I didn't really know how to highlight or shade the color. From my base which was gold yellow I wanted to shade it with a little purple, which I didn't have to hand so I mixed up blue/red which look to have the same color value and I was really impressed with result, it actually looked naturally shaded. Feeling Happy

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    oh that is a good student right away your catching on and sounds like your already getting the hang of what you've set out to do...now your also putting a bit of theory to use when you worked with that yellow...your gonna start thinking I these terims and by the sound of it your doing that.see what happens now your thin king in terms of theory and the wheel and that's when like you said things will look natural...how they are supposed to look.good freakin job m8.cracking good job.proud of ya epic.keep ye going lol.gr8 gr8 start.when you look around things look how colors interact.throughout your day.like Betty Edwards says we're training the color part of the brain to engage in all we know and do.onward..

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    ok, little update on the Ork

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    I don't wanna say I told you so....but "I TOLD YOU SO" LOL ITS NOT MAGIC ITS JUST COLORS THEORY...GREAT JOB..

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    Do you think it's developing well Blood, I used 3 glazes of a the brown shade and I blended in the highlights up to yellow, mostly in the face to bring out his features.

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    I Def agree it's coming along way better m8. I know your feeling happy bout it it's like the minute you put in the first one you can see a huge difference and it makes you happy and you say Holy shioli it actually works..then things enter your head like "wow its just like those big time artists pieces" now if you really want it to pop...you don't have to its optional but let's say you add a tiny bit of black to the previous last shade and this you'll run a very skinny brush along the most recessed places basically a red black and you'll hand lay it into the most recesses.again optional...but I mix black in instead of putting black by itself thus way it keeps with the colors used...this will be your last shading step...try it do not be intimidated your doing great bud..I'm not lying to ya it looks fantastik..try that last bit and then guess what ...then I'm going to bring you through the highlighting further..we're hitting this model with "the contrast hammer". Do it post it then I'll take you through some highlighting tricks..I know your feeling happy.how do I know because ive been through it and felt the same...I'm going to change your feckin life m8ty. if you don't wanna use black you can mix a red purple with a bit of black and mix that with your red and that could be your final shade.as a rule of thumb I use 3 layers of a shade before moving onto a darker color shade.ND in all I use 2-3 shading colors. So if I'm using 2 diff progressively darker shades at 3 layers a piece it comes out to 6 layers if I use 3 it comes out to 9 layers on this ork were only using 2 shades the red brown (3 layers )and the purple with a Lil black in it mixed with Red brown.got it good.lol
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    I got you m8 all the way up till this model is finished...even when the skin is done and all said and done I'm going to take you through the weathered armor too.every step of the way.

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    Ok Blood,

    I've gone through the 2 shades, 3 layers per shade with a very fine brush and the shadows look really nice, I'm very impressed but it def has made the highlights look dull and they need that extra pop. here are some photos

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    Keep the highlights real thin/sharp, bleach bone is a good choice.It can help map the face and get expresstion,

    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Ten we were getting to it and took the words out of my mouth .yes I Def agree shade cool comp, a d highlight warm analogous.so any beige would work my fav is ushabit (bleached )bone..warm meaning beige as opposed to cool colors like space wolves grey..again like anything you do layer them on as ten said very thin.

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    Loking really really good man a big no huge improvement from the original. As ten said now to push the highlights you can 2 brush blend but I usually layer them very thin and any beige will work.a rule of thumb now hear on in is shade complimentary cool colrs and highlight analogous warm.ex like beige as opposed to cool like space wolves grey.
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