Firespray repaint, from the X-Wing minis game.
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Thread: Firespray repaint, from the X-Wing minis game.

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    Default Firespray repaint, from the X-Wing minis game.


    Something I finished for a change. A commission to change the Slave 1 prepaint to match (almost) the art for the Andrasta card coming out shortly in the Scum and Villany release. I'd appreciate your comments and votes.

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    I've looked at this a couple of times and something doesn't look "right" to me............BUT I can't work out what exactly.
    I think it's the panel lines below/around the cockpit area, they just aren't "clicking" for me.
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    Which ones in particular mate. The horizontal ones are physically wider. I think because of this the lining I put in them is not as even as it is in the thinner liens elsewhere on the hull. Could it be that?

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