Here is my warband of spacefaring Dark Eldar Corsairs.

We begin with their Leader, Archon Lessei ''Mohawk'' Moondancer

Dracon Lassitae ''Firehand'' Starfi

Both Moondancer and Starfi

The Sadistic and Wild warriors of this warband:

''Serpent Squadrons'' (Warriors)

''Dragon Squadrons'' (Wyches)

These are the most elite warriors armed with supercharged chainsaw bayonets, the better to drench themselves in the fresh blood of thier dying enemies: (Incubus bodyguard)

All warriors in this souless, evil murderhost are beyond insane. They constantly wander the milky way, ravaging Rogue Trader ships and Hive Worlds. They trade millions of Slaves each year in the ports of Commorragh to the Kabals, Cults and Covens in exchange for raw materials, webway routes and strange, otherworldly coin.

Those warriors that fail Moondancer are given over to his personal Haemonculi to be transformed into rampaging Grotesques:

Mistress Crow

Jockey Sithin

And the occasional Commorrite Mercenary:

A small portion of the Warband:

All units in this Strike force are no more than 5 or 6 warriors strong and use Venoms exclusively to transport themselves swiftly across alien battlefields.

The force in action:

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