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    I'm new to zombicide, but why hasn't anyone yet made a 3D design of the cars so that you could print your own at shapeways or have one of us make molds of them??

    Conceptually, it seems like an easy thing to do. Create a 3D car, but only the bottom half or so. Leave enough space in the interior for 4 figures (possibly having some of their circular base extend outside the car). You might need to shorten the front & back to make sure there's enough room, and you could build it up to the windshield in the front.

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    Biggest problem I see is the fact I'm already using a large tub to transport my Zombicide gear, and it's over half full. Once I get the rest of Season 3, including the 3d doors and stuff it's going to get cramped. So I'm not sure I want/need more 3d models to add to the mix. (smiles) That's not to say you shouldn't make your own, just not something I'm much interested in.

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