what do people think on scatter terrain in rivet wars?
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Thread: what do people think on scatter terrain in rivet wars?

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    Default what do people think on scatter terrain in rivet wars?

    I was wondering if there is another upcoming kick starter would the inclusion of scatter terrain be desirable for anybody else.
    I'm currently attempting to construct an entire rivet town and have been thinking how much the tank traps/minefields, and particularly the turrets change play by preventing access to certain vehicles and combinations of smaller units
    So I was intending to make some scatter terrain such as a 1 square out-house for the konig's hunting shack, or busted 2 square farming equipment or 1 square pig pen for the farm I'm building.
    Be interested to see if you all think maybe half a dozen bits scattered on the Boers would be good, or make a difference.

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    For those of us who are ignorant, what is scatter terrain?

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    Sorry may not even be technically using the right term here but basically themed 'things' that the minis/units fight around but don't technically interact with.
    So basically for rivet wars something that prevents one or two of the squares in a grid having any unit placed on it/them.
    This could effect how formations advance across the board, with heroes not being able to buff so many other units as not so many can share their grid.
    Maybe those heavy metal units could bulldoze them to remove them but the ostriches/sturmpanzers would be prevented from entering. Or something like that, just spit balling ideas.

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    I'll give a little something away. We've planned on adding things like statues and trees. It works really well with the grid system. As daddy mentions, it prevents things like tanks or large squads from moving up. It breaks up formations and buffs. Just another thing to consider. But it can also occupy a space (or 2 or 3) in the grid attack order. So you can effectively use this items as cover, depending on where you're attacked from. Some items like statues we've kept as indestructible, although this can cause issues, making a unit invulnerable if in the grid, except to flat grid attacks. But others, like trees we give an armor class and hp, much like the houses and bridges.

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    Wow Ted, thanks for the sneak peak.
    This is much more involved than I had expected. As the terrain is not a unit itself I was expecting for them to simply be skipped over in the target order, so the only effect was to reduce the number of units in the grid.
    What you've suggested is really interesting cause it could allow players to 'hide' their hero in a grid behind the terrain whilst still giving their buff to the other units.
    It may cause balance issues as you hinted at though, because of the allies having so many flat grid attack units, particularly the pounders.
    Follow up question if I may though. With these new additional pieces would you be going back over the already released scenerios with a 'version 2' to include the new elements.

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    Sounds cool Ted, nice to hear rules will be included too as I am planning on working on my own range of scatter terrain and structures to compliment my 3d board in the near future

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    We wouldn't go over already created scenarios. But if people wanted they could add terrain to already existing scenarios to change them up. Or we might take a good scenario and make it "better" by adding some terrain. It falls in line with the house idea that has been discussed as well as bridges and water. All these elements are things that we feel add more interesting decisions to the gameplay. But as always until it ships anything can change so the final format is not set.

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    Brillent Ted fantastic news, I've already been looking for stuff myself I posted about a ruin that I think will work. I really look forward to new releases = talking of which any news on when the second wave stuff will be released to the general public?

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    My question is, if the items affect grid attack order, then to they break when fired at? Because they might be able to break up a chain or protect a hero, but they would be able to be damaged and break with time, correct?
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    Can I share something that we tried almost by accident the other day. me and my boys were playing a few games of Mantic's Mars Attacks - good fun game by the way. Anyhow the lads wanted a change so suggested we break out Rivet Wars - these are there two favourite games at the moment. Being a bit lazy I suggested we leave the MA set up on the table, so we had in effect a part of a ruined town and concoct a few quick house rules.

    The result was a nice playable game, the grid used for MA is suitable for RW albeit it is 8x8. The Mantics ruins and accressories fitted in well with the RW stuff,.

    So the house rules

    The ruins etc block LOS - the terrain is no longer fat and so to fire on a target you must be able to draw a line from the firers grid to the front edge of the target grid

    The walls count as an "obstacle" and if fired on throughthat grid side take one dice to a minimum ofone from the firer. Blast/area shots are not effected. Walls can be crossed by infantry provided the are lower than the model height - rule of thumb ruins yes/undamaged no.

    Four grid vehicles, Ostrich , Sturmpanzer etc can smash through walls/obstacles at the cost of one movement point - remove the terrain from play. Other vehicles move move arroung the obstacle (this was to keep things simple for now).

    Walls etc can be attacked and count as 2 armour (same as Rocket Bikes etc) and if hit are moved.

    Just a flavour of what we did but the boys liked this new take on RW and are working up their own rules for next time.

    Wonder if anyone here has a few thoughts?

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    @willyc - Thanks for sharing this find. I just checked the MA rule book and the mechanics you described seem to fit Rivet Wars very well. It seems like a slightly more advanced Bolster Defence. This is definitely something I'll be giving a try with soon!
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    I am in the process of working with someone to make laser cut versions of Rivet Wars specific terrain I did a while back. Each building will fit exactly in the 79mm square(s) on the RW game board tiles. I also designed some double tile sized buildings to add some epic strategic objectives.

    A "War Factory" (double sized building), an "Ammo Depot" (single tile building) and a "Hospital" (single tile building) have been laser cut and I will hopefully have them by next weekend. Once I have them, I can assemble and paint and of course post pics on this forum once they are finished. I have a bunch designed and in the works including "Bunkers", a "Library", a "Windmill", a "Church" (this one will look a little different in the laser cut version), a double tile "Barn" and some single tile "Train Cars!" that can fit Rivet soldiers on them.

    The buildings in the links are hand cut foam core versions, but I am redesigning all of them in the computer to be laser cut plywood so anyone could purchase (I make nothing off any of this, btw), assemble (simple white or wood glue) and paint (or not) for their own Rivet Wars!

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