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    really great looking conversion, painting and photo.
    But as someone in the comments wrote: a bit too much photoshop? especially on the yellow parts.

    I can't really decide, but the bottom pic sure looks like it was rushed and a 'retouch'??? more visible or just a bit stronger Airbrush overspray that strengthens the effect?
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    That might be actual haze from a lighted display. Given the size of the piece the artist could have used powered play lighting under all that foam to literally make it glow. Retouched or not, I like the concept
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    Retouched and a suspicions number of votes. Nice concept that i would like to see without the background and photoshop.
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    Has a lot of views as well, so it's not that suspicious. Probably been posted on some forums.

    Lovely idea, just wished I had thought of it first.

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    I think the user definitely has control of his paintworks, in this case maybe fiddled effect to enhance the visual effect, and used an appropriate backdrop. It works well and makes for a cool concept.
    The rest of his stuff are solid 9 too so he surely can pull most of it just with his brushes.
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    Greenie, per usual you have thieved the words from my mouth. If his PS was simply to enhance the yellow fireballs, well, good for him.
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