Played my first game, had a lot of questions :(
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Thread: Played my first game, had a lot of questions :(

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    Question Played my first game, had a lot of questions :(

    Hi, I finaly manager to put together all the miniatues and yesterday I played my first game with my sister and a friend. I played as the consul and found that I have many questions. I hope the comunity can help me and sorry if they have been already asked. I tried to search them but think they are kind of "too specific"

    1. The maual says I have 19 monster cards. Does that include the spawn points or have I lost some cards already?
    2. Do the status tokens stack on a single model? (Multiple knockbacks for example)
    3. Do potions cost Action Points?
    4. Do healing cost Action Points?
    5. If I have 2 models on stage (The two ogres for example) but only 1 card, how do I manage their health? (I was thinking old school paper and pen)
    6. What does the potion number on a hero card mean? Potions he can use or potions he can hold?
    7. At the start of the consul turn, he spawns models. Can he move this models too or does he have to wait for the next turn?
    8. Can players trade loot and/or treasure?
    9. Can players give away loot and/or treasure?

    Again, sorry if this has been asked before. I hope is not too much of a pain to answer this
    Thanx in advance for your help

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    All these answers are as of the NEWEST rule book, from the Forgotten King Expansion. Many rules were modified, added or removed all together.

    1. I believe the spawning points do count for the number of cards you have.
    2. Once a character is inflicted with a status effect, they can not have the same one stacked, but they can have multiple different statuses. (Fire, Poison, Hex and Bane)
    3. Potions do not cost action points, but they do tell you what kind of action it represents.
    4. There are abilities to heal characters that cost action points. You can use the bandage action that takes 1 action. You also can heal when you roll a heart while successfully attacking a monster.
    5. I normally just remember which ones have which health, or I will put damage tokens on either side of the monsters card, to represent the 2 characters. Pen and Paper is not a bad idea though.
    6. The potion number on the character card is how many potions the character is allowed to carry. All characters start with the maximum amount of potions on them. There are treasure cards that allow you to carry more while equip.
    7. The consul can either spawn or activate on his turn. If he spawns, he can not spawn in the following turn. The consul can activate 4 skulls worth of monsters each activation turn, with an additional Boss or Mini-boss. The best part is the consul can activate the same monsters turn after turn if he wants to as long as it doesn't exceed his activation limits.
    8. Players always share their loot/treasure. Once an item is equip, it can not be re-equip, if it is removed. (It gets destroyed) Anything that is drawn, but not equipped, can sit in the Backpack until it is needed.
    9. See #8

    This is one of my favorite games, please feel free to message me directly with other questions!!

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