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    Default Second Wave now on Miniature Market

    Second Wave is now available on Miniature Market.

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    Still says pre-order on most of them.

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    That's why I only mentioned Second Wave. I suspect BoB will be available later this month.

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    I sure hope so. I have had all of that stuff pre-ordered for months now.

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    I know. Battle of Brighton has been holding the rest of my order since September.

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    Quote Originally Posted by biomage View Post
    I know. Battle of Brighton has been holding the rest of my order since September.
    hmm... it would make sense to me if you just had them ship when available. That way you get spurts of new models over time.
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    There is no "ship when available" option. That would also mean paying for shipping (which isn't super cheap on that site) for every time they ship something, instead of free shipping when you order over $99. You're talking $8+ each shipment, which over a few shipments means you could have bought another Rivet Wars expansion...or something else instead of wasting the money on shipping!

    I pre-ordered everything at one time, which unfortunately means nothing ships until everything is available.

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    I already have everything from the Kickstarter. I am just waiting for MORE!
    Seriously, I think I may have a problem. Are eight Landkriegers too many or not enough?

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    I missed the Kickstarter.

    I do have 2 core Eastern Front boxes and have ordered one of everything from Wave 2 on MiniatureMarket!

    Also, I am in on the Conan Kickstarter at a whopping $579. Who knew "board games" would be so crazy expensive! And addicting!

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    Miniature Market shipped me the Arcadia Quest extras today; so looks like the next wave has been made available. Dreading to think how much the Taxman will charge me for the imports.

    I stepped out of Conan - it looked fun, but as it was their first kickstarter project there seemed WAY too much stuff to buy. I'm storing the pennies for Rivet Wars 2 instead
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor -

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    There was plenty in the core box set for Conan (especially the King Pledge) if you didn't want to or couldn't spend too much. I went nuts and bought everything though. :-/

    I pre-ordered all the new Arcadia Quest stuff at one time on MM, I'm sure something will hold that up like my Rivet Wars stuff. The completionist in me is killing my wallet!

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